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#GuestPost : What do I do when I’m not writing? by Françoise DuMaurier

I’m pleased to share this guest post with you today from Françoise DuMaurier, author of ‘The Grateful Boys’. Read on to discover more about what this author does when not writing and find out more about this book in the process!


Oh gosh, do I have to be truthful on this first entry? If I should be writing and I’m not, I’ve probably minimized my screen and decided to read all the latest comments on Jezebel or Deadspin or Slashfilm. So here’s what I do: I turn my internet off on my computer. That will get me to write. Right? Turns out it doesn’t help that much because my phone can get me to social media even faster than my desktop can. During a work day I manage about 4 hours a day on my phone (which is not too bad, all things considered). On the weekend? I can forget about it. My numbers can shoot up to 6-8 hours of screentime. Yep, this is definitely the number one thing I’m doing when I’m not writing.


Second? I may seem like a phone addict but I take time each week to meditate and work out. Yoga is the key to better respiration, energy and vitality. It decreases stress and relieves anxiety. I get to finally feel good about my concentration. In a world where it feels like everything moves at breakneck pace, it’s nice to be able to calm the mind for an hour or two each week. And each time I’m working out, I’m progressing toward my goal. It’s not easy, and it sure as heck ain’t fast. But it effort and time… lots of time, building a better body is doable.

Third? This list is supposed to be about what I do when I’m not writing, correct? Then I guess I’ll have to continue my streak of honesty and list research at numero tres. My latest book is titled The Grateful Boys and it’s inspired heavily by The Lost Boys. But you can’t base a 300+ page book entirely upon a 90 minute movie from the eighties. This meant I had to undergo intensive research. I read the first English language vampire book ever read. I bought a few vampire encyclopedias. I studied Bram Stoker and Anne Rice. I read about the Eastern European roots of mythology and how that mythology made its way over to Asian lore. All of this affected my writing and my ability to weave a rich tapestry and centuries old backstories for the various vampires in the book.


Fourth? Let me try to get off of writing for a moment. Ah yes, movies! Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon’s digital library take up more of my time than I’d like. But who can cast the first stone when Netflix drops a Breaking Bad movie, when Disney releases a slew of Star Wars shows, and HBO confirms that Game of Thrones will get a spin-off (or two)? In addition, NBC has announced they will have their own streaming giant soon and so will Apple. There goes my life!


Finally, I have to give a nice big shout out to work. I used to work in a psychiatric facility where I put in more hours in one year than the average person will work in two or three years. Feeling burned out, I decided to enter the world of special education. I have had tremendous success writing grants and conducting research, and working with special needs kids in a small rural environment. And when I say “small rural environment” I’m talking about a town with a population of maybe 700 people. It’s quiet, it’s quaint, and I adore it. I look forward to work each day and knowing that I’ve made a positive difference to someone that day. And when I get home? Well, then I can boot up my computer and go right back to writing the next great American novel. Perhaps in my dreams.

Many thanks to Françoise DuMaurier for writing this guest post and to Faye Rogers and Authoright for liaising and organising the tour this is part of.

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