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A Lone Star Christmas by Justine Davis #review #contemporary #romance #readzTule


Title:  A Lone Star Christmas

Series: Texas Justice 

Author: Justine Davis

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: November 7th, 2019

Pages: 296

Rating:   4/5


My Review:

If you enjoy contemporary romances set in a small town with a close knit community, then this is one for you to enjoy – I know I certainly did!

Both the Highwater and de la Cova families are well respected founding families in Last Stand, Texas. Sean Highwater has always felt something of an oddity as he is great at solving problems and thinking things through but he tends to switch off from the world whilst he does so – his Dad used to call it going down the rabbit hole. Whilst this caused him problems at times whilst growing up, his supportive family always helped and his skills are now put to great use as a detective working in law enforcement. His tenacity and insights have helped make him one of the most successful detectives in the state, with offers to work elsewhere that he frequently declines, preferring to work under his older brother who understands his ways. He has been attracted to Elena de la Cova since he was eighteen years old, when she tried to save his father after he’d been fatally injured. He’s always thought her too good for him, so admired her from a distance. When he stops bullies attacking a boy he didn’t realise the boy is her son, nor that this intervention would change things for all three of them!

This is a story helping show that being different is often misunderstood. I loved how Sean is able to explain things to both Elena and her son in ways that help them all. Having taught children with some forms of what may be generically referred to as autism it is great to see this so sympathetically portrayed, making it easy to empathise with and comprehend from all points of view. It is a moving story about changing perceptions, taking chances and love. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have no hesitation in highly recommending it.

i requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.


A Christmas in Last Stand brings unexpected gifts to two very different people…

Detective Sean Highwater may be one of the famous Highwaters, but he has always felt a half-step off because of the way his agile mind works. Only learning to focus has enabled him to not just survive, but thrive.

Elena de la Cova is from a respected and highly regarded founding family, brought up with rather stringent expectations, but right now she is a widow trying to raise a son she doesn’t understand.

If Last Stand had royalty, in Sean’s book it would be elegant Elena. He’s willing to help her son as he had been helped, but being that close to Elena scares him to death since he’s been in awe of her for years. Elena is impressed both with the way Sean gets through to her son, and with his appreciation for the Christmas customs of her culture as much as his own.

Their perceptions of each other shift, but will the passion that strikes between them be enough to overcome their perceptions of themselves?

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