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Magicmals: Troublemakers by April Enciso #Review #MGReader #Cats #Space


Title: Troublemakers

Series: Magicmals

Author: April Enciso

Published:  June 18th, 2019

Pages:  74

Rating:  4/5



This is an engaging story that I believe will appeal to cat lovers and children around ten years old, the age of the children in the story. It has well developed characters, both helpful and naughty. The adventure is well paced and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers interested in discovering what happens next.

Talking, magical animals known as the Magicmals sometimes cause chaos but ten year old Eva along with her younger brother, Diego, and her best friend, Jenny. are on hand to help come to the rescue! After troublemaking Magicmals stowaway on a space ship, they cause pandemonium on the planet where they land. A call is made for Eva, Diego and Jenny to help the other Magicmals capture the rogues and return them to Earth. Get ready for magical portals, a wizard and a fantastic space adventure in this story for middle grade readers!

This is a children’s story where ‘normal’ things like coping with a new class, a new teacher, needing help with algebra and lunch are in sharp contrast to the adventures experienced by these three friends as they go to help their friends from other planets. The magical abilities of the Magicmals will certainly be needed on this adventure and some explanations will be necessary when it is over! Can the intrepid trio help recapture the rogue Magicmals and convince them to return to Earth? Will the space pirates stop them? How can they help the food shortages? You’ll just have to read it yourself to discover what happens!

It is a story where friendships are the key and essential when experiencing such dramatic adventures, full of danger and magic! I liked how the Magicmals make it clear that animals also have feelings and it could help them to learn to be more considerate to them. This could be a useful book for teachers to use in school, especially when hoping to help pupils to empathise more with other living things.



After all the excitement of talking Magicmals, disappearing buildings, and space travel last year, ten-year-old Eva, her younger brother Diego, and her best friend Jenny are all looking forward to a nice quiet time in school. But algebra and art class are soon forgotten when they get an urgent message from wizard cat Willie Whiskas. Two of the Magicmals, Pookie and Gray Baby, have gone rogue, vanishing into outer space where they are wreaking havoc on a new planet! In Book Two of a series that’s hilarious fun for the whole family (pets, too!), Eva and the Magicmals gang go head to head with twice as many obstacles, have twice as many adventures, and get two very naughty cats out of trouble

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    December 6, 2019

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