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Day 5: Festive Guest Post: Changing the Rules by Ian Wilfred

by Ian Wilfred

Thank you so much Elaine for inviting me onto your Christmas blog I thought I would tell you about the Christmas I changed the rules TWICE

It was 20 + years ago when I met my husband and a few weeks before Christmas our first Christmas together I told him my now stepdaughter and family members we wouldn’t be having Christmas lunch until the evening SHOCK HORROR I explained I wanted to enjoy the morning with them all opening presents speaking to family and friends on the phone and not be stuck in the kitchen missing everything and that’s the way it has been every year since

The second rule I broke I like to spend Christmas Day in my own home at my own table and no one else’s I’m more than happy to have lots of people to cook for the more the better

The day starts with bacon Brie and cranberry baguettes, presents and lots of fun sadly no more toys as the stepdaughter is now in her late twenties but it’s still a very special morning then after the queens speech I head off into the kitchen bottle of red wine and my Christmas music and here’s a few of the CDs I will be cooking to

Michael Buble – Christmas

Dolly Parton – Home For Christmas

Susan Boyle – The Gift

IL Divo – Christmas Collection

Kylie – Christmas

Rod Stewart – Merry Christmas Baby

I love the those hours spent preparing everything anyone that tries to help gets a polite no thank you it’s my time to myself remembering Christmas past as a child with parents and family that are sadly no longer with us this time of year is a very special time for me with family and friends

Two of my books both end at Christmas –

The Little Terrace Of Friendships

and my new 2019 read Time To Move On

Thank you again Elaine for inviting me on and have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing what you have on your blog in 2020.

Ian xx

Thank you, Ian – I’ll be listening to some of the same music around Christmas time!
I hope you and your family have a lovely festive season and thank you so much for your guest post!

2 comments on “Day 5: Festive Guest Post: Changing the Rules by Ian Wilfred

  1. carhicks
    December 21, 2019

    Beautiful post Elaine and Ian. Happy Birthday Ian.

    Liked by 1 person

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