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Day 10: Festive Guest Post: Portia MacIntosh’s Alternative Christmas Songs

One of the best things about Christmas is being able to indulge in movies, music and TV shows that can only really be enjoyed at the most wonderful time of the year.

We all have our festive favourites that we reach for every year. That one movie we can’t get through the season without watching (for me it’s It’s a Wonderful Life) and that Christmas special of a TV show that you love so much (mine is The Office’s A Benihana Christmas). Christmas is a time for traditions, so we don’t always look too far outside our usual favourites. You can never get enough Christmas music in your life though, can you?

So, just in case you might have missed them, here are my five favourite Christmas songs that don’t always make the playlists. Some are underrated, some are a little alternative. All are amazing so turn up the volume and enjoy.

Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are one of my favourite bands. There’s just something about their music that makes me feel impossibly happy whenever I hear it, so naturally their Christmas songs are equally as fantastic. Feel good, cheery and adorably festive.


Christmas in Harlem – Kanye West

With a choir, orchestra and festive bells behind him, as well as a whole range of features from other artists, in 2010 Kanye gave us the gift of Christmas in Harlem. Whether or not you’re a Kanye fan, this is probably hip hop’s best festive offering. 


That Was the Worst Christmas Ever – Sufjan Stevens

Shoutout to everyone who has a dysfunctional family at Christmas time. It’s easy to believe that it is the most wonderful time of year for everyone, but that isn’t always the case. This one isn’t cheery but it is beautiful. 


Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers

Everyone loves a bit of The Killers every now and then and their Christmas effort is very them. With funny lyrics, a catchy melody and a very weirdly awesome video. It’s not your classic Christmas tune, but it’s catchy.


Father Christmas – The Kinks

It’s punk, but it’s Christmasy. It’s angsty, but it’s kind of nice. It has sleigh bells, but it has a guitar solo. If you prefer festive shout to festive cheer, this is the jam for you.


Merry Christmas to you all,

from Portia x


Thank you so much for your Festive Guest Post and sharing these festive songs. Listening to some of them has brought back some great memories to me and others I’d not heard before but really enjoyed. Lexi would probably have enjoyed having them to listen to, especially at her party in your latest novella!

Portia MacIntosh’s Christmas novella, Home Alone on Hope Island is out now. Click here (https://amzn.to/2RA7MTL) to check it out – or here to read my 5* review of it.

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