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Satellites by Tim Foresman #Review #SpaceAdventure

Title: Satellites

Series: NASA Inspired Adventures in Space

Author: Tim Foresman

Publisher: International Center for Remote Sensing Education, Inc.

Published: January 2nd, 2020 (originally April 20th, 2019)

Pages: 110

Rating: 4/5


This is an illustrated space adventure story, set in the future, involving satellites working together to save the Earth. It is a great mix of factual information on past and present satellites, including their purposes and origins, skilfully interwoven into a fantasy adventure. The launch of a new satellite, Oz, to upgrade those already orbiting is the trigger for this adventure which involves some well known satellites (like the Hubble Space Telescope) as well as some less familiar ones and ones that don’t actually exist yet.

The book starts with an annotated picture of the satellites involved in this story, many of which are currently orbiting the Earth. These satellites are the main characters, each with their own team or individual role in helping save the Earth. It has colourful illustrations throughout and there is a glossary at the end to help explain some of the more technical terms used. These terms make it most appropriate for tweens, teens and adults, though younger children may well enjoy having it read to them. There are teacher notes at the end of the book, giving inspiration for how the book might be used to help, including sharing that the story is based on what is already possible.

It is an engaging read, taking existing technology and developing it in a fun, fantasy, heroic adventure that I enjoyed reading. Let’s hope something like Oz will be around really in our hour of need!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.


A NASA inspired adventure in space science for the whole family. A cast of NASA Earth Observation satellites help youth and adults learn about entertaining topics ranging from climate change, to the Hubble Space Telescope, and the International Space Station with the goal of protecting our precious planet and its resources.

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