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Italian Summer With The Single Dad by Ella Hayes #Review #Contemporary #Romance


Title: Italian Summer with the Single Dad

Author: Ella Hayes

Rating: 4.5/5*



My Review:

This is a delightful romance set mainly in and around a beautiful Italian palazzo which is a luxurious wedding venue.

Olivia Gardner had been working as an assistant wedding photographer when she first met Zach Merrill. He was part of the wedding party she was photographing. She had no idea he owns and runs a bespoke hotel and wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast in Italy but when he offers her a job there, covering for their injured photographer, she can’t resist taking up the challenge. However, although the attraction between this couple grows they try to resist temptation. Zach loves his young daughter but the untimely death of his wife means he attempts to avoid romance. As the season progresses and they learn more about each other, will they find love or will she return home alone? With Zach’s daughter and his mother-in-law soon learning to love Olivia, is there any chance Zach will, too?

This is a heartwarming story, with great characters who come to life within the pages of the story. Add to this the great setting and community and you’ve got a lovely story to escape into. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who is looking for a beautiful romance to read.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.


An inconvenient attraction……on the picture-perfect Amalfi Coast!

Wedding photographer Olivia Gardner is thrilled to be spending the summer working at a luxurious Italian palazzo. The only problem? Her instant attraction to widowed single dad and owner Zach Merrill! Olivia can see that guarded Zach’s locked his heart away for the sake of his little girl. But watching the way he dotes on his daughter has Olivia hoping she could have a place in this ready-made family.

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