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I Hate You, Fuller James by Kelly Anne Blount #Review #Teen #YA #HIghSchool


Title: I Hate You, Fuller James

Author: Kelly Anne Blount




My Review:

This is a high school romance featuring Wren, who is quiet, caring, kind, clever and has been subject to teasing and bullying for years at school. The main perpetrator of it all is Fuller James, the star basketball player who seems to get away with anything, including leading many of the pranks and verbal assaults. It is after being hit in a food fight that Wren retaliates, though her aim isn’t great and hits his sidekick instead of Fuller. This, however, is used against her by the principal and her uncle, the basketball coach. Her punishment is to tutor Fuller to raise his attainment in AP English or see her dreams disappear . . . . Oh, and it all has to be done secretly so the team don’t realise Fuller, their star player, may be sitting on the bench instead of playing . . . .

As the two work together they discover more about each other but he’s made a bet with his friends to explain why he’s with Wren . . . and they won’t let him cancel it. Will he raise his grades so he’ll get to play and lead the school to the Championship? What will happen when Wren discovers she’s the subject of the bet?

This is a lovely story in which proves that hate and love are opposite sides of the same coin. It has the ‘popular’ (mean) folk, some great friends, plenty of family and school drama and the need for a big move for things to work out. It is an engaging read and I particularly liked how both Wren and Fuller change because of their relationship. Fuller’s brother and Wren’s Grandad are both brilliant secondary characters, as are her two best friends. Welcome back to High School in this enjoyable contemporary romance!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.

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