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What if Bunny’s NOT a Bully? by Lana Button

Title: What if Bunny’s NOT a Bully?

Author: Lana Button

Illustrator: Christine Battuz

Publisher:  Kids Can Press

Published: March 3rd, 2020

Pages: 32

Rating: 5/5


My Review:

Bunny was a bully,
Someone who was super mean,
So her old friends used to avoid her
Whenever she was seen.

But that made Kitty think
Just what had made Bunny mad
And wonder if they’d treat her like that
Made kind Kitty very sad.

It helps the friends to wonder
If bunny is really sorry and hates
The name calling being done
By folks who once were mates.

This story is delightful
With pictures that appeal
And a story that has a message
That’s important to reveal.

It is an insightful rhyming story,
Making you think whilst being fun,
About how name calling and not playing
Is also mean and shouldn’t be done

This story is great for children
With a message oh so true
And could be used by teachers
To help children know what to do.

A great story to get folk talking
And looking from different points of view
Helping them to understand
The impact of what we do.

I loved the colourful illustrations
That help the story, too
And have no hesitation in
Highly recommending this book to you!

I’d like to say thank you
To Kids Can Press for giving me
A copy of this book to read
Via NetGalley.

This review is my honest opinion
After choosing to read this book
And I hope it will encourage you
To go give it a look!


Gertie the elephant says everyone on the playground should stay far away from Bunny because she’s super mean. But Kitty has questions: How did Bunny become a bully? Was she born that way? Was she stung by a bullybug? Or maybe she caught the bully flu? Wait, does that mean bullying is contagious? And if it is, couldn’t the other animals catch it, too? But … then no one would play with them either, and that doesn’t seem fair. Is it possible that Bunny is sorry? Should they give her a second chance?

Not your typical bullying story, Lana Button’s fresh take flips the focus from the child being bullied to the one being called a bully. In cadenced rhyming text, the compassionate and insightful Kitty leads children through a series of questions that get at the core of the assumptions we make about others and how it feels to be on the other side of name-calling. Christine Battuz’s expressive illustrations use tenderness and a touch of humor to complement the emotional level of the text. Altogether, this is a perfect child-level exploration of empathy. It would be an excellent choice for discussions about bullying, or more broad issues of social development. It also works for character education lessons on empathy, compassion, fairness and inclusiveness.

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3 comments on “What if Bunny’s NOT a Bully? by Lana Button

  1. carhicks
    March 23, 2020

    I really liked this book as well, I love your review Elaine.


    • bicted
      March 27, 2020

      I love reading children’s books, especially those that rhyme
      They’re a winner for me, every time!

      Liked by 1 person

      • carhicks
        March 27, 2020

        I say I want to read them to my grandkids, but I enjoy them as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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