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#Review for the first two books in The Josie James #Series by Lily Mae Walters #BlogTour

For this blog tour I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to read both these middle grade readers and I’m glad I did – I really enjoyed them! Read on to read the blurb for both books and my reviews for them….

Josie James and The Teardrops of Summer   

Josie James is an ordinary 13 year old until something extraordinary happens during her summer holidays.Whilst staying at her Great Grandmother’s cottage in the country she finds herself swept into the cursed world of Suncroft where it is perpetual winter.Her new friends believe she could be the Chosen One who it is foretold will lift the curse, but there are more pressing matters.The Teardrops of Summer – magical crystals that render the owner immortal – have been stolen. Along with her telepathic husky-dog Protector Asher and her new friends, Josie must race to find the Teardrops and prevent catastrophe for their world.

My Review:

I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into with this first book in the series but it proved to be a magical adventure in a hidden community with Elders, one of whom is half-elf, and huskies who can communicate telepathically with the person (usually an Elder) who they protect. The person having the adventure is thirteen year old Josie James and in this first book she discovers family secrets, learns some things about Suncroft, is introduced to her own husky protector who is a mischievous, cockney pup with a lot to learn, explores secret tunnels, discovers stolen property and finds herself in great danger! What an action packed read it turned out to be and that ending made me very glad I already had a copy of the next book in the series to read . . . .

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Josie James and The Velvet Knife

“For you to find the Velvet Knife, you must solve the riddles thrice.” A mysterious hooded figure, known only as the Velvet Knife has appeared in the cursed village of Suncroft. No one knows who he is or what he wants but when he starts leaving riddles around the village, it is time for Josie to return to Suncroft for a second time.
With Asher, her faithful husky Protector by her side, Filan, a half elf, and her great grandad, will they be able to solve the clues in time and discover his identity? The Velvet Knife is not the only one causing problems for Josie. Her rival for the position of the ‘Chosen One’ continues to grow stronger, and now he has a Protector of his own.
What does all this mean for Josie? Is she destined to lift the wintery curse of Suncroft or will another take her place as the ‘Chosen One’?

My Review:

After her stay in Suncroft the previous year, Josie James had her memories of the magical and mysterious events wiped and it is only when summer comes around again that she’ll have them return as she needs to go on a quest to discover just who or what the Velvet Knife is. This time she’ll have riddles to solve, a tower to escape from, learn more about her powers, lose two people she knows and meet newcomers to the Suncroft community. Again the Huskies are key to helping keep her and everyone else safe as danger threatens . . . .

With great characters, this is another action packed read in this fascinating magical series . . . and this is not the end of the saga!

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Author Bio

Lily Mae Walters chose her pen name in honour of her beloved grandparents who also star in the Josie James series.

She is married with two teenage children, and two huskies that are the inspiration behind Murphy and Asher in the books.

Lily Mae lives in Nuneaton, England and finds herself using local  places and even her old school in her stories.

Family and friends mean the world to Lily Mae and many will find themselves popping up throughout the series.

Lily Mae also writes for adults under the name of Florence Keeling.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/josiejames100/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lilymaewalters/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/LilyMaeWalters1

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