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#Review for Swipe Right by Stephie Chapman #RomCom #BlogTour

Title: Swipe Right

Author: Stephie Chapman

Publisher:  Hera Books

Love could be a click away… Or in the last place you expected.

When Fran meets Ollie, it’s eye roll at first sight. Who does he think he is – with his Ray-Bans, piss taking and artfully styled hair? Forced into working together at Viral Hive, the trendy media content agency, at first they butt heads, but soon realise that they could be BFFs. Fran’s happily settled with boyfriend Lucas, while Ollie is fully committed to girlfriend Lou.

But when Fran’s relationship crumbles, and Ollie sets off with Lou for a round-the-world trip, she decides to start an anonymous dating column, detailing all the perils of dating online – from the bloke who angrily demanded she share the bill when she refused his clumsy advances, to the one that ended their date by weeping into her cleavage – even if it seems that all the good (or even normal?) men are hiding. Maybe there aren’t plenty more fish in the sea?

But, on her dating journey of discovery, Fran’s about to learn that sometimes love can be where you least expect it… you just have to put down your phone.

This hilarious romantic comedy is When Harry Met Sally for the Tinder age – will make you laugh and cry! Perfect for fans of Mhairi MacFarlane, Lucy Vine and Sophie Ranald.

My Review:

This is a contemporary enemies to friends to more romance largely involving the folk who work at Viral Hive, a trendy media content agency. With online dating, a round the world tour and a great cast of secondary characters this is billed as being the modern day alternative version of When Harry Met Sally. Fran and Ollie initially meet when they go to be interviewed for the same job and are paired up for a presentation. At that time both have significant other halves – hers is Lucas and his is Lou. However, as these two work together and get to know each other, everyone else can see they should be together – except them…… so let the fun begin!

 I really like the team that Fran works with at the Hive, there are some great laughs amongst them and it sounds like a fantastic, supportive place to work. I particularly liked both Fran’s friends Suze and Carlina, they both seem to ‘get’ Fran and do their best to support her through all her trials and tribulations. I certainly didn’t feel that way about her erstwhile best friend since childhood, Lydia, I felt her attitude and support left much to be desired . . . . and so did that of Lucas! Some of the antics are funny but others are concerning. I’d certainly be very anxious if I had a daughter going out with strangers she’s met on Tinder and bringing them back to her flat when they’d only just met, just too trusting, IMHO. OK, so I’m somewhat of a prude, but I’d also be seriously worried about her safety both physically and healthwise. If you don’t mind your romance reads including (two) love triangles, infidelity, narcissism and tinder dates, you’ll probably love this contemporary romance. It is a slow burn, taking over two years and lots of false starts or hold ups en route. Sticking with the journey analogy, it also felt like the final destination, so eagerly anticipated, was not quite as expected but I suggest you read it for yourself to discover just what I mean and decide for yourself it that is a good or bad thing!

Many thanks to Hera books for gifting me a copy of this via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.



Author Bio:

Stephie was born in England in the mid 1980s, which makes her thirty-something (but if you ask, she’ll probably tell you she’s 27). Now, she lives on the South coast of the UK, has a day job to keep her holiday budget topped up, and two kids and a husband to keep an eye on.

Get in touch on Twitter @imcountingufoz




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Many thanks to Hera Books for gifting me a copy of this book via NetGalley and to BTOBS Publicity for providing materials for this post and organising the tour it is part of.

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  1. Sarah Hardy
    May 13, 2020

    Thanks for kicking off the blog tour today Elaine x


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