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Montana Son by Juanita Kees

Title: Montana Son

Series: Calhouns of Montana #3

Author: Juanita Kees 

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: June 2, 2020

Pages: 220 

Rating: 4/5*


My Review:

This is a second chance romance after a heartbreaking, fatal accident drove them apart.

Paige Drew is the daughter of the town’s Sheriff and High School headteacher. She’s not seen them since she left town after being involved in the accident which killed her boyfriend’s younger brother. Now she’s returning to try to make peace with her past and the people she left behind . . . . including Mason Calhoun, the person she ran from.

Mason has never forgiven himself for the accident which killed his youngest brother but he is trying to mend his ways and is no longer the bad boy in town. However, the knowledge that the person he loved, Paige, is returning has him considering running for the hills again!

This story is absolutely packed with family dramas. I can’t believe how Paige’s parents react to her return, thank goodness she has the Calhouns to turn to! There’s a reason for how her father reacts but you’ll need to read the book to discover it – prepare for some shocking revelations . . . With accusations against Mason, threats, lies and more, her father certainly isn’t a likeable man! You’ve got to feel for Mason as he faces his fears and starts to open up to love again. The romance is tentative, there’s lots to be discussed, faced and discovered before they can have any chance of a HEA for them . . . but it will be worth it in the end!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it and thoroughly enjoying this moving story.


Can he forgive himself, move on, and let love in?

Mason Calhoun is still trying to shrug off the label of bad boy, even though he’s proved his worth to the town. But his penchant for fast cars and Harleys makes it difficult for the town to forget the accident that killed his youngest brother, Mitch. It’s hard for him to forget when the girl responsible for him losing his head is back in town, hotter than ever, swinging spanners at his father’s garage, Calhoun Customs.

When Paige Drew loses her job at the track, she takes it as a sign to come home to Bigfork and make peace with the past before she takes the next step in her life. She’s been on Trinity Calhoun’s pit crew ever since that fatal night that changed her life forever. She’s hidden behind the scenes at the racetrack for too long, ignored by her family for causing a scandal in their otherwise perfect lives.

But coming home means confronting Mason Calhoun, the reason she ran in the first place.

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