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#Review Lone Star Homecoming by Justine Davis


Title: Lone Star Homecoming

Series: Texas Justice # 5

Author: Justine Davis

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published:  June 11, 2020

Pages: 312 pages 

Rating: 5/5*


My Review:

I suspect this is the concluding story in this brilliant series which has focussed on the Highwater siblings, their romances and their ongoing search for their runaway brother. Oh boy, what a brilliant, emotive read this proved to be, especially as it helps explain just why sixteen year old Kane Highwater ran away thirteen years ago. His family and their friends have been searching for him ever since. Lark Leclair is one of those friends and she travels with the Highwater clan to watch Kane’s sister compete in a national reining competition. Whilst there she spots Kane in the crowd . . . . can she convince him to return home to his family?

I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into this book and discovering what has been happening with the Highwater siblings since I last read about them. Having said that, you could probably enjoy this book as a standalone but it is such a great series I really recommend reading them all. The events from thirteen years ago and all he has experienced since have had a dramatic effect on Kane, who no longer feels he should have the surname Highwater. Lark is so caring, considerate and seems to know just how to support him. The two are brilliant together and their growing romance is heartwarming. There are so many events in this story that I particularly enjoyed . . . but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else. My advice is read this, it is a great read, a story filled with family love, secret fears, guilt, caring and romance!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it and thoroughly enjoying doing so, such a moving and insightful read!


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He’s haunted by one mistake…

Kane Highwater has been on the run for over a dozen years, since he was sixteen. And every step of the way he’s carried the weight of what happened the day he left Last Stand. He’d reacted in fear and anger, and it had cost him everything.

He stirs her heart in a way she never imagined…

Lark Leclair admires the Highwater clan for many things, including how they’ve never stopped searching for their missing brother. As a former Child Protective Services worker, she understands better than most why he’d run. But when she spots Kane in a crowd at a national reining competition where her friend — his sister — is competing, it will take all of her experience, compassion and instincts to convince him to stay.

Their attraction is immediate, but Kane is certain he can never regain his place in his legendary family. Can Lark convince him that with her by his side, it’s not too late for a fresh start?

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