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#Review for Hired by the Impossible Greek by Clare Connelly


Title: Hired by the Impossible Greek

Author: Clare Connelly




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Welcome to the glamorous lives of royals and billionaires, where passion knows no bounds. This is the world of Harlequin Presents. Be captivated by the luxury and wealth, as you’re swept into a world of exotic locations.

One summer on a private island with her ultimate temptation!

Schoolteacher Amelia Ashford warily agrees to a job in Greece caring for Santos Anastakos’s young son. But her priority is the welfare of the little boy, not the outrageous and irresistible billionaire who hired her. Even if their chemistry is off the charts!

Santos doesn’t believe in romantic love—his father has eight ex-wives. He does believe in tantalizing pleasure, and with innocent Amelia in his luxurious villa, it’s just a bedroom door away! But their passion will test Santos’s ruthless control more than he ever anticipated…

My Review:

Essentially this is a billionaire playboy and the innocent but brainy virgin child’s teacher romance The story is that a few months ago billionaire Santos Anastakos discovered that someone he’d had a two night stand with gave birth to his son, Cameron, six years ago. He found out when he was named in her will and, in effect, inherited his son who he’d never known about until then. He’s struggling to develop a relationship with the child but has endeavoured to keep some things the same for him – such as keeping him in his original school until the summer holidays. One of the teachers from the school is Amelia Ashford. She visits Santos at his home because she’s concerned about the impact the proposed move to Santos’s home in Greece will have on the grieving child. He convinces her to go with them to help Cameron settle in……

This was an okay romance, at no point did I consider not finishing it but some aspects quite irritated me but I’m sure won’t affect others! Whilst Cameron is the reason for their getting together he doesn’t have a significant part in (m)any scenes in the story. There are errors in the portrayal of the English education system – no way does a six year old attend a comprehensive school (they’re for students aged over 11 years of age). No teacher  would go to visit parents after the child is in bed without first having made an appointment to do so – and she’s supposed to be a genius!! etc, etc!  As I said, it kind of irritated me but they’re niggles that most others may just ignore so don’t let me put you off. It has a nice finale!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this via NetGalley and this is (obviously) my honest review after choosing to read it.

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