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Comprehension Ninja Workbooks by Andrew Jennings

Comprehension Ninja Workbooks

Title: Comprehension Ninja Workbook

Author: Andrew Jennings

Release Date: 11th June 2020

Genre: Non-Fiction Workbooks

Publisher: Bloomsbury Education





My Review:

This is a great series of workbooks to help children with non-fiction comprehension from ages 5 to 11. There is one book for each school year group and the texts are selected to relate to aspects of the national curriculum appropriate for that age range. There are a variety of different question formats, including fill in the missing word, multiple choice, label, sequencing, matching, find and copy, highlight, etc – all activities which will aid children in their school work. This is perhaps particularly pertinent during the current lockdown as it enable parents to give their children alternative work which is actually designed to be done at home and the workbook makes it easy to use for short sessions – they aren’t meant to be relentlessly ploughed through!

I requested and was gifted copies of the books for ages 7 to 8 and 8 to 9, the age ranges I last taught. I found the excerpts appropriately levelled, the question presentation and wording clear and easy to understand. This is a series I suspect parents will find helpful when they are seeking to support their children’s learning – and there are answers in the backs of the book to help in marking and discussions, too!



Comprehension Ninja Workbooks are ideal for supporting your child’s learning at home. With bespoke non-fiction texts and hundreds of questions, they’re packed full of comprehension practice with strong links to the National Curriculum.

Created by trusted author and teacher Andrew Jennings, they’re perfect for developing those all-important literacy skills at home and for boosting children’s confidence in reading comprehension.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=comprehension+ninja+workbook

Author Information

Andrew Jennings has been teaching in schools for nine years and is an assistant headteacher. He has always been engaged in the design aspect of resources and systems and has developed high-impact arithmetic and reading systems for primary schools. Andrew launched Vocabulary Ninja in April 2017 to improve the levels of understanding and confidence of pupils as well as Key Stage 2 outcomes. Since then he has gained thousands of fans and published the bestselling Vocabulary Ninja book. Follow Andrew on Twitter at: @VocabularyNinja.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/vocabularyninja

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