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#Review for The Heatwave by Katerina Diamond #Thriller #Mystery #Murder


Title: The Heatwave

Author: Katerina Diamond

Publisher: Avon

Published June 25th 2020 

Pages:  400 
Rating: 4/5*

My Review:

This is an enthralling thriller with so many twists and turns it will keep you guessing till the shocking finale!

It is sixteen years since she left her seaside town, home, friends and family behind her but she’s never forgotten the dire circumstances which caused her to flee. She’s made a new life for herself now, miles away in the Lake District and has a loving husband and two children of her own but she has to face the truth. When she hears on the news about another girl has gone missing in her old home town she knows she has to return to face up to what happened in the past and to try to save the missing girl. Can she succeed?

The story is told through two timelines – Felicity in the present day and Jasmine in the flashbacks to the events of sixteen years ago. It is a suspense-filled mystery which unfolds as you read through the book, one so filled with shocking revelations and surprises you’re kept on the edge of your seat as you learn more about what happened. Murder, mystery, suspense, danger and surprises are skilfully interwoven to create a story I didn’t want to put down until I’d finished. I hadn’t read anything by Katerina Diamond before but I’ll certainly endeavour to read more from her in future!

I won a copy of this book through “Readers First” and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.

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One summer. One stranger. One killer…
Two bad things happened that summer:
A stranger arrived. And the first girl disappeared.

In the wake of the crime that rocked her community, Felicity fled, knowing more than she let on.

But sixteen years later, her new life is shattered by the news that a second girl has gone missing in her hometown.

Now Felicity must go back, to face the truth about what happened all those years ago.

Only she holds the answers – and they’re more shocking than anyone could imagine.

The heatwave is back. And so is the killer.

Don’t miss the hottest thriller of the summer – perfect for readers who loved The Holiday and The Girlfriend.

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