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My #Review of One Summer in Spain by  Ian Wilfred #Contemporary #Adventure #Romance



Title:  One Summer in Spain

Author: Ian Wilfred

Published: June 23rd, 2020

Pages: 284

Rating: 5/5*



My Review:

This is a story in which being kind and caring totally changes lives. When twenty-five year old Gemma helped an elderly lady, Dulcie, who had fallen little did either of them know just how their lives and those of others were about to change! Gemma is somewhat adrift, unable to decide what to do with her life and has just given up on her university course. Trying to help Dulcie leads to Gemma becoming the housekeeper and PA to Dulcie and her friend, Rupert, who have just had a substantial lottery win. When the lucky winners decide to rent a luxurious villa in Spain for six months, they insist Gemma goes with them and so the life changing summer in Spain begins . . . .

This is a lovely, gentle and very relaxing read. The author paints pictures with his words, bringing the characters and settings to life in the imagination of the reader. Dulcie hopes to help Gemma find romance and there are several different contenders as the story progresses. The lifestyle, community and delicious food are all key elements in this delightful read, I would really love to eat at Elo Pollo and to try that special pizza restaurant, too! Dulcie and Rupert are brilliant characters, Rupert being larger than life in so many ways! The villa is rarely without visitors coming to stay, each adding their own magic to the story. There are journeys, parties, secrets and revelations to keep you guessing but Rupert’s birthday party brings everyone together with an added, but much anticipated, surprise at the end!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful story. It is a look at life, making the most of your opportunities and full of love, a feel-good story to put a smile on your face and one I have no hesitation in highly recommending.


Twenty-five year old Gemma is still unsure where her life is leading. Her parents are exasperated at the way in which she flits from one thing to another. A chance encounter helping Dulcie, an elderly lady who has had a fall in the street, leads to Gemma becoming housekeeper to Dulcie and her friend, Rupert.

Following a lottery win, Dulcie and Rupert rent a Spanish villa for six months and Gemma goes with them for a working holiday. It’s all one long adventure for the three of them, filled with fun days out, nights in the best restaurants and plenty of laughter.

Dario, the local taxi driver becomes fond of Gemma. Likewise, she thinks a lot of him too, but he harbours a secret.

Jamie, Dulcie’s grandson, pops over to Spain to check on his grandmother. but she’s not his only reason for visiting.

Craig, an old friend of Gemma’s, is also an acquaintance of Dulcie and Rupert. When he visits from England, Gemma’s life becomes a little uncomfortable.

How can ONE SUMMER IN SPAIN change everyone’s life? Will it be for the good, and how do their lives pan out after the six month holiday is over?

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