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My #Review for Falling for the Texan by Nicole Flockton #Contemporary #Romance #Series #readztule


Title: Falling for the Texan

Series: The Prentice Brothers of Sweet Ridge

Author: Nicole Flockton

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: August 4th, 2020

Rating: 4/5*



My Review:

This is a great addition to this series! The Prentice Peach orchard is famous in the area but middle brother Tyler isn’t really interested in growing peaches, he’s determined to make his name with his vineyard, instead. However, he’s never really felt he fit in since his mother’s untimely death when he was a teenager. His older brother is the athlete in the family and a famous baseball star and his younger brother has always been interested in anything to do with the peach orchard and so his father’s favourite. He thinks they’re all just waiting for him to make a mess of this enterprise and is determined not to. He agreed his ex college friend would help him launch his first vintage but then that friend wasn’t able to and sent someone else from his firm instead. That someone was Gianna Luccia. She’s just lost a major advertising account for their company after rejecting the unwanted advances of one of their representatives. Now she needs to prove herself and up her game. Unfortunately, Tyler doesn’t seem to be on the same page with her plans . . . . but their chemistry promises a delicious pure vintage romance, if only they’ll give it a chance!

This is a lovely story set in a delightful community with plenty of fantastic characters, tasty food and wine along with a delectable helping of romance! It was great to catch up on the Prentice family again and so good to get to know both Tyler and Gia. Now I can’t wait to read what happens with the oldest brother, Trey!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it and thoroughly enjoying doing so.


She plans to open his mind. Instead he uncorks her heart.

Tyler Prentice is determined to launch his new winery with a sophisticated and delicious splash. He has a lot riding on this venture—pride, his dreams and all his savings. To ensure the success of his launch, he hires a top marketing firm. But Gianna Lucchia and her marketing plan is not what he expected or wants. Still, he can’t stop thinking about her.

Losing a major advertising account is devastating. Having to travel to Nowhere, Texas, to prove she can still create a successful branding campaign is even worse. But Gianna’s no quitter. Her plan is simple—get in, create buzz, return home. Except her presentation crashes and burns. Tyler’s ideas are different from hers and he wants something else. Her.

Working together on the launch invigorates more than Gianna’s creativity. Tyler is sexy, smart and challenges her on so many levels, but Gianna’s past threatens to destroy it all. Can Tyler let go of his pride and make an even bigger gamble…on love?


The first book in this series is One Hot Texas Summer
and you can read my review of it here.

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