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#Promo and #Extract from Raven Storm by Emma Miles #BlogTour

I am very pleased to join in the blog tour for this intriguing sounding book and hope you enjoy reading the extract from it which I am sharing.
Read on to discover more about this book and its author!

Fear walks with those in power.

Divided, the land of Chem hangs in the balance. In the west the Ravens seek to bring safety to women, and an end to slavery. In the east the remaining covens cling to their power, refusing to give up their way of life to foreign invaders. Across both lands the priests whisper and plot, their gods a shadowy threat hanging over them all.
To protect their young family, Kesta and Jorrun have made their home in the Raven Tower of Elden. Unable to abandon their responsibility or friends, they remain embroiled in the fight to the north. Whilst peace and friendship blossom between the Fulmers, Borrows and Elden, the arrival of strangers turns the court of Taurmaline upside down.

The history of the Fire-walkers is about to catch up with them, and the Fire-spirit’s truth will be revealed.

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raven-Storm-Fire-Walker-Book-3-ebook/dp/B08BWK1QJZ

US – https://www.amazon.com/Raven-Storm-Fire-Walker-Book-3-ebook/dp/B08BWK1QJZ


In this extract two of our main characters, Kesta and Jorrun, make plans to decide the future of the land they helped to partially conquer, Chem.

Jorrun gazed through the open window across the tidy lawns; a few lanterns lit the path between the palace and the gates, casting long shadows. Stars glimmered intermittently between the thin, fleeting clouds. A fire crackled in the small fireplace behind him, but a cold breeze tickled his skin and he shivered.

He heard Kesta’s soft tread but didn’t turn. She placed a hand against his back and leaned against his arm.

‘What are you thinking?’ she asked softly.

He swallowed; his stomach was churning. ‘I’m thinking we don’t have the resources to take and hold Eastern Chem, but if we do nothing people will suffer and they get time to build its strength while undermining us in the west.’

Kesta moved around so she could look up at him. Her mismatched eyes were wide in the darkness. ‘We can’t take and hold the east, but we can stop them getting strong, and we can stop them undermining us.’

Relief flowed through him, warming his veins. He should have known she’d be on the same page as him. ‘Yes. We get to the root of these Disciples of the Gods and rip them out.’ He drew in a deep breath. ‘And we can weaken Eastern Chem by freeing slaves with power and taking out their strongest Coven members, keep the Covens in disarray, prevent them from uniting.’

‘It’s a good idea.’ She held his gaze. ‘But I can see you don’t like your own plan.’

‘It feels…’ He clenched his jaw. ‘Underhand, cowardly, although at the same time whoever we sent would be at serious risk of never returning.’

She stiffened, leaning back a little. ‘You still intend to go yourself to Uldren.’

He nodded. ‘I do.’ He held up his hand as she opened her mouth to protest. ‘I want you to stay in Navere where you can get back to Northold if you need to. I’d also like you to take charge of dealing with the Disciples, your knowing will be invaluable in doing so.’

He saw her deflate a little, her fingers unclenching, but she folded her arms across her chest and turned to scan the wall around the garden. ‘I should go with you; we have more chance of getting your sister out of Uldren together.’

‘We don’t even know for sure she’s there yet. It isn’t just about us though.’

She sighed loudly. ‘I know.’

He opened his mouth to find the words to reassure her, but she gave him a light slap on the arm. ‘I just better not have to rescue you.’

A smile twitched on his lips. ‘Perhaps I can rescue you this time.’

Author Bio –

I often get asked when I knew I was a writer; the answer is always. A writer is what I am, it’s in my soul. There have been times in my life when I couldn’t write, and times when my writing has been the only thing that kept me going. I think I always longed for something deeper from life, something more meaningful, and I found it in my imagination and in the music of words.
It was poetry which first caught my attention, and whilst my younger cousins called for ghost stories it was animals I first wrote of. I think I gravitated toward fantasy because of the freedom it gives, I could create my own worlds and decide my own rules. My Wind’s Children trilogy was born from an image that came to me whilst daydreaming, of a young man sitting alone below a bridge. I didn’t know who he was; it turns out neither did he, but we found out together.
I’m now working on my seventh book and love writing more than ever, it’s an addiction, an obsession, but one I now share with my wonderful writing family. My beta readers, my editor, and you, my readers, having you with me on my journey means the world to me.
I write as much as I can around work, but I also try to squeeze in a ridiculous amount of hobbies! I’m a wildlife photographer and do a little archery. I paint, sculpt with clay, withies and driftwood, preferring to be outdoors if I can. I still have a love for the theatre, having started out in life studying backstage crafts, and a great love for language. I speak a little French, Romanian and Italian, ma non molto bene!

Thanks for reading this. If you read any of my books and love them, please come say hello and tell me, you’d be surprised at how much that means to an author.
Take care of yourself.
Em x

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