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#Interview with David Pollard, author of Mindworm #BlogTour

You are in for a treat today as I share the answers that author David Pollard gave to my questions! Read on to discover what he replied, more about his book, Mindworm, and about him, too….

Where did you get the inspiration for the book?

I have a very enquiring and eclectic mind and I’m always thinking in terms of storylines – asking myself ‘what if?. That last becomes a habit if you do it enough and speculations just tumble about. So I was reading about how the brain works and how it consumes energy and was simultaneously wondering about how a character (for example a vampire or serial killer) might feel about being like they were. The two thought lines sort of merged and I came up with a character who lives on other people’s mind energy.

What is your writing process?

I’m always telling myself stories in my mind. When one of those stories starts to demand to be written down and I’ll know when that happens, I start to outline the plot quite seriously. I tend to think of the plot as a series of incidents or self-contained sub stories. When I have a enough of a clear picture of where the story will go I sit down and write a first draft. As I progress I solve plot and character problems as they arise and tweak the story direction. Then I edit, get a beta reading, edit some more and finally get to the finished story.

Do you write using pen and paper or on a computer?

I’m definitely a computer user. I used to draft by hand and transcribe to computer back in the stone-age of computing  but that was such a chore. I only use paper and pen now when an idea strikes me and I can’t get to a keyboard.

Do you think that the story of ‘Mindworm’ would translate to the screen?

I do see ‘Mindworm’  becoming a very compact film and I’d be delighted if that ever came to pass. If it did happen I’d like to see Gary Oldman as the mindworm and Tommy Lee Jones as Lieutenant Stride.

What are you up to next?

I’m very fond of short stories, both as a reader and a writer. I’m working on a collection of new macabre stories for publication in 2021. The reception of my first collection ‘His Cat and Other Strange Tales’ was very gratifying and I’m hoping that the fan base will be ready to receive another helping.

I’m also working to finish a full length play on the subject of personal guilt and it’s workings. I’m calling it ‘Guilt’ as a working title. I am very much at home in the theatre and am keen to start working on the text with actors very soon.

How and why did you choose the names for your main characters?

You’ve probably noticed that the central character in ‘Mindworm’ has no name. It happened that no opportunity to use a name for him presented itself and it became obvious that he didn’t need to be named. I did debate with myself if this would be a problem for readers and in the end became convinced that no name sat well with this particular character.

Detective Stride on the other hand got a name that had the sound and feel of his character – razor sharp, angular and thrusting.

Thank you so much for answering my questions, David, I particularly like the idea of your cast for a screen version of this book!

Read on to discover more about Mindworm and its author:


The placid life of a college librarian is plunged into a desperate fight for survival  when he witnesses the death of his only friend. Suddenly he is forced to confront disturbing changes in his nature and appetites and their consequences. Suspected of murder and pursued by an implacable police detective he runs – but is he running from the law or from himself?

Pre-Order Links:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mindworm-David-Pollard-ebook/dp/B089G3JRJF

US – https://www.amazon.com/Mindworm-David-Pollard-ebook/dp/B089G3JRJF


Author Bio –

After more than forty years of paid employment David Pollard retired to glorious Hereford and immersed himself in the theatrical activities of the county. He is currently Chair of Hereford County Drama Festival.

David  sees himself as a teller of tales – he is a playwright, author of short stories and novels. He has a preference for dark and dystopian material. He is also an actor and theatrical director. Among the many authors admired by David is Robert Louis Stevenson – for his website David adopted the appellation Tuistala – Samoan for ‘Teller of Tales’ which the Samoan people called RLS.

Several of David’s plays have been published by Lazybee Scripts – one of which ‘Aspects of a Betrayal’ was shortlisted for the Kenneth Branagh prize at the Windsor Fringe Festival.

David has two works published on KDP/Amazon:

‘His Cat and Other Strange Tales’ – a collection of macabre short stories

‘The Alienation of Ludovic Weiss’ – a psychological thriller

A third book ‘Mindworm ‘ is scheduled for publication in September 2020

When not writing, directing or acting David runs a podcast platform for the streaming of radio plays and short story readings – Hand to Mouth Sound Theatre.

For relaxation David reads voraciously with a liking for history and thriller fiction. He also enjoys country walks of the strolling variety.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @dpollardauthor

Website: www.thetusitala.co.uk   

Follow the tour:

Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for providing materials for this post and organising the tour it is part of.

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