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Fun, magical #Children’sBook – Secret Magic by Elena Paige


Title: Secret Magic

Series: Evie Everyday Witch #1

Author: Elena Paige

Publisher: Angelos Publishing

Published: June 11th 2019

Pages: 167

Rating: 4/5*


My Review:

This is a middle grade children’s book, aimed at pupils who are at least 7 years old. It is told from the point of view of Evie Everyday who is a witch who would rather be normal and go to a ‘normal’ school rather than a magical one. She gets her wish when her parents move to a new town . . . . but maybe things there aren’t quite as normal as she hoped! The whole town seems to lack colour, and even the young students all except one dress in black. That one exception is Izzy, a friendly, colourful and completely different to everyone else. The school principal is Mrs Rogers and she seems to know just what Evie wants, though taking and keeping Evie’s backpack with her magic wand and magical pets then not letting her have them back could be suspicious! Mrs Rogers also warns Evie to keep well away from Izzy . . . Just what is going on? You’ll have to read it for yourself to find out!

This is a very different take on a magical adventure, with quirky characters, dilemmas on following your instincts competing with the desire to fit in, even when you sense something is wrong. It is a chapter book that is a fun read and has an important message about being true to yourself and your beliefs underlying the story. I suspect children will thoroughly engage with the story and the illustrations add to its appeal. I look forward to reading more books in this series in future and recommend teachers and parents check this book out if they think their children will enjoy it, too.

Thank you the the publishers and Book Sirens for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.


Funny magical adventure series perfect for kids ages 7 and up

My name is Evie Everyday and I’m a witch. But all I’ve ever wanted is to be a Lamron. That’s the word normal spelled backward. Anyways, now I have the chance to go to a regular school and be a regular girl I’ll do whatever it takes to fit in.

Fitting in is easy. All I have to do is:

Keep my magic a secret Swap my favorite colorful clothes for boring black ones Suck up to scary Mrs. Rogers, the school principal Keep my pet cat, bat and corncob from causing any trouble And stay away from Izzy. She’s all colorful and funny and awesome…. and not helpful for fitting in.

But when everything starts to go wrong, there’s only one way to save my new school… use magic. And only one person who can help me… Izzy!

Evie Everyday Witch is a series of chapter books that kids and parents will love. Ideal for reluctant readers. Evie’s quirky, funny personality will sweep kids off their feet, and get them reading again!

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