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Fun, #Paranormal #Murder #Mystery – Grave New World by Demitria Lunetta , Marley Lynn and Kate Karyus Quinn


Title: Grave New World

Series: Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services #1, Mythverse #8

Authors: Demitria Lunetta , Marley Lynn, Kate Karyus Quinn

Publisher: Little Fish Publishing

Published September 1st 2020 

Rating: 4/5*



My Review:

What a very different take on life when those with supernatural have “come out” and live alongside humans.  Paige Harper and her Dad had run a cleaning agency together, specialising in working for the supernatural. However, one day he literally disappeared right in front of her. He wasn’t the only one, so did her Mum and millions of others. There’s no known explanation but it has left her running the business . . . .

This story is a giggle your way through cosy paranormal murder mystery, told from the point of view of Paige who is an English major (yes, that is relevant to her though not so much to everyone around her or her job). When someone retains her to clean his home, she’s suspicious but what’s a girl to do – she needs the job! She discovers her ex-husband (who turned out not to be human at all, but a cheating Fae) got her the job. That makes her even more wary! What with him owning her home, moving a stranger in, turning up uninvited – she’s had enough of alpha males! Mind you, he’s not the only one in her life . . . there’s also her boyfriend, who has political aspirations but seems to have a public and private personality that are totally different. Oh, and there’s also Nico, the one-eyed werewolf PI who works from a neighbouring office.

When Paige finds someone holding the knife over a dead vampire, she’s immediately thrust into the centre of a murder investigation that the police are too scared to actively pursue . . . but she isn’t! She’s a snarky, sassy, determined and resilient character, not someone those alpha males can subjugate! Get ready for murder, mystery and mayhem in this fun read which I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into. If you’re looking for a story to have you laughing out loud whilst still trying to decide just who did it, look no further, grab yourself a copy of this delightful story.

Thank you to the publishers and Book Siren for my copy of this book which I voluntarily read and have honestly reviewed.



Join us for an exciting new series set in the same world as Mount Olympus Academy, Amazon Academy, and Underworld Reformatory!

I’m Paige Harper, a cleaning lady with no supernatural powers or abilities. My parents disappeared into an alternate dimension and my boyfriend turned out be a fae changeling. Do I have any chance of surviving in this new world full of deadly mythological creatures and all-powerful gods living among humans?

This girl says yes.

But things get complicated when Nico, a dangerously handsome one-eyed werewolf, asks for my help in tracking down a potential serial killer. It’s just monsters killing monsters, right? And I specialize in clean-up – not prevention.

But then one of the killings hits close to home. Turns out in this grave new world – sometimes there’s no choice but to get down and dirty.

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