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Intriguing adult fairy tale style read -The Snow Song by Sally Gardner


Title: The Snow Song

Author: Sally Gardner

Publisher: HQ

Pub Date  

Pages: 384

Rating: 3.5*



My Review:

This is an adult story told in fairy tale style, with an entire village under the patriarchal control of the Elders where strangers are rebuffed, superstitions rule and traditions simply must be followed. Edith lives with her alcoholic father who is forcing her to marry the village butcher, a powerful, tyrannical, alpha male who is old enough to be her grandfather. She, however, loves the shepherd who visited the village and who has promised to return to marry her. As snow falls, Edith becomes mute and life for her and the whole community is about to change for them all.

This is a story of the abuse of power by a few who subjugate others. It is about rebellion, women learning to fight back, empowering each other to make changes for them all. It is a magical read with love, loss, grief, inspiration and even murder interwoven together to make a very different read.

Thanks to HQ and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have read voluntarily and honestly reviewed.


A spellbinding fable for adults from the award-winning and bestselling author, Sally Gardner.

‘This heartbreaking, brilliantly written novel is the most original publication for years’ The Times on Sally Gardner

From an award-winning author, whose books have sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide

Women imprisoned by superstition, chained by guilt.

Perched on a mountain in a land of ancient forests is a village, rife with secrets. Cut off from the outside world it is run by the elders, men to whom tradition is all.

Edith lives alone with her alcoholic father who is forcing her to marry the village butcher. But she is in love with a shepherd who promised to return to her.

As the village becomes isolated in a sea of snow, Edith loses her power of speech. And it is this enchantment that will have far-reaching consequences, not only for Edith but for the whole village.



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