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The Protector by Abigail Owen

Title: The Protector

Series: Fire’s Edge

Author: Abigail Owen



My Review:

This is a very different take on the lives, roles and political organisation of dragon shifter society. There’s clear expectations, political manoeuvring and suspense as well as romance in this steamy “at long last” dragon shifter romance!

Levi Rowtag is the beta enforcer who works in the Americas with an official team comprising members from the different clans. When he first met and recognised Lyndi Chandali as his mate over two centuries earlier he never acted on it as he believes she’d never accept him as her mate as she’s a born dragon and cousin of the High King. Female born dragons are sterile and are usually given to powerful dragons in political moves . . . . but she’s feisty enough to have joined this team of enforcers when her brother was appointed there. For two centuries they’ve verbally sparred but he’s always protected her – usually when she didn’t want it – and supported her, especially in her endeavours to provide a home for orphaned dragon shifter children.

Someone is scheming to take down the enforcers, discrediting them, spreading unwarranted rumours and creating distrust between the different groups but who is doing it – and what is their aim? As the strife between the clans intensifies, Levi is ordered to return to his clan . . . . can she let him go without making him aware of her feelings and can he go without making her aware of his? However, other powerful enemies are now threatening both Lyndi and her orphans. What will they decide to do – and will they succeed?

This is a drama filled paranormal story, packed with love, fighting and danger. The political intrigue is definitely heating up, placing them all in precarious positions. I throughly enjoyed reading it and was surprised and impressed by Vislinn, I hope he’ll be in future stories in this series! If you enjoy paranormal romantic suspense where there are battles to be fought, constraints to be tested and romance to be found I highly recommend you check out this book and the rest of the series!

Thank you to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.


The cousin of the High King, Lyndi Chandali has lived with the constant threat of being pawned off as a political prize. A rare, female-born dragon like Lyndi can’t truly mate—not in the way it counts. Which is why she’s kept her distance from a certain sinfully delicious Beta. Instead, she’s built a life for herself giving orphaned dragons in the Americas a home.

As Beta of his team of enforcers, Levi Rowtag is a fighter first, last, and always. His job is to protect—his team, the shifters in his territory, and the stubborn woman hell-bent on fighting with him at every turn. He knows from the moment they first meet what she’ll never accept—they are destined to be mated.

But with the kings at war, the enemy is now coming for Lyndi. Worse, he’s coming for her orphans, too. He’ll have no choice but to defy his king and go rogue if he has any hope of protecting them all…and finally claiming his mate.

Each book in the Fire’s Edge series is STANDALONE:
* The Mate (prequel)
* The Boss
* The Rookie
* The Enforcer
* The Protector

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