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Fab festive read – Christmas at the Edge of the World by Kate Hewitt 


Title: Christmas at the Edge of the World

Author: Kate Hewitt 

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: November 4th, 2019

Pages: 165

Rating: 5/5*



My Review:

This is a brilliant festive romance, a superb Christmas cocktail with a delicious blend of family drama, idyllic, remote setting and, of course, a touch of romance, too.

Laurel West discovers that her older sister, Abby, has checked herself into rehab when she’s asked to look after Abby’s fourteen year old son, Zac. The sisters have been estranged for years but Abby helped bring Laurel up after their mother died and she’s very willing to help. However, Zac is a rebellious teen and gets expelled from his school so Abby decides to take him to a place where she has the best, happy memories, her great Aunt’s home on the Orkney Islands……

This story shares the angst and turmoil inflicted on the sisters as children and the very different impact it has had on their lives now. It is a second chance story, with both of them acknowledging the past and taking steps to move on to a brighter future. The initial arrival at her great Aunt’s home is fraught with problems and some shocking encounters – including one with a gun pointed at them! It is a story of community, respect, family, friendship and taking chances and is a heartwarming festive read that I have no hesitation in highly recommending.

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When Laurel West discovers her estranged sister Abby has checked herself into rehab and wants her to take care of her fourteen-year-old son, she doesn’t hesitate to step in. Abby was there for Laurel a long time ago, and she longs to be able to offer the same. However, as a single woman who still dreams of the fairy tale, Laurel isn’t prepared for teenaged Zac’s sullen moods or silent rage. When he’s expelled from school, she decides to take drastic measures and temporarily relocate them to her great aunt’s cottage on the windswept hills of the Orkney islands north of Scotland… about as far as she can run from their problems, but will it be far enough?

From the moment they step onto the island’s shores, everything seems to go wrong… including a run-in with eccentric sheep farmer Archie MacDougall. When Zac gets in trouble at the village pub and is rescued by Archie, Laurel thinks things are only getting worse. But Archie’s suggestion of putting Zach to work on his farm might be the change he needs, and Laurel strikes up a surprising friendship with a man who is about as far from the fairy tale as she can imagine. Can such an unlikely and impractical love bloom in such a brief moment out of reality? And will two lost and lonely souls find each other at the edge of the world?

One comment on “Fab festive read – Christmas at the Edge of the World by Kate Hewitt 

  1. Carla
    December 20, 2020

    Nice review Elaine, sounds like a good heartfelt story.


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