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Two Night Stand by Portia MacIntosh – fun, festive novella!

A fun, festive read – perfect for the holidays!


Title: Two Night Stand

Author: Portia MacIntosh

Published: December 22nd, 2020

Pages: 115

Rating: 4/5*




What happens after the morning after the night before?

She never does anything like this – honestly!

After a few too many drinks on a night out, Hayley decides to do something out of character: she goes home with a man she’s really hit it off with, but one she didn’t know yesterday. Well, Chris seems like a dream, and it’s about time Hayley started living life to the full.
But around the time she learns she’s snowed-in with Chris, she also realises the mansion they’re stuck in isn’t actually his. Now she has to spend New Year’s Eve with him.
Has Hayley really met the man or her dreams or has her one-night stand just turned into a nightmare? And when the clock strikes midnight, will she have someone to kiss?

A fun, festive novella set in that strange time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and Zara Stoneley.

**Includes a free sample of another book set on Hope Island**

My Review:

This is a fun, contemporary romance novella – ideal when you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face that isn’t too long. It is another fab read from this talented author and involves getting snowed in with what was supposed to be a one night stand . . . . but there are even more surprises along the way!

Portia MacIntosh is great at making her characters seem believable and like someone you actually know, even in a short story. There’s plenty of humour, a few dilemmas and, of course, a potential romance in this delightful book. There are also lots of tasters for some of her other books to whet your appetite for more great reads after this novella ends. It is a lovely way to see if you enjoy her style and to find more books by her to read in future! I’ll definitely be looking out for more by her in future!

Buy and download yourself a copy from here

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