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Tuscan Dreams at the Cornish Confetti Agency by Daisy James – superb #RomCom and #Mystery


Title: Tuscan Dreams at the Cornish Confetti Agency

Series: The Cornish Confetti Agency 

Published: January 7th, 2021

Pages: 275

Rating: 5/5*



My Review:

This is the fifth book in the series but is also designed to work as a standalone, so don’t let that put you off as it is a brilliant read . . . though I have to admit that it was brilliant to meet up with so many of the fantastic characters from the earlier books. It was great finding out what they’ve all been up to as well as visiting the gorgeous Tuscan region, with its stupendous scenery and mouthwateringly tasty descriptions of the food and drinks there.

There is a fantastic description of the books in this series actually included in the story and I can’t resist quoting it here:

Every single Cornish Confetti Agency wedding I’ve attended has been chockful of chaos, confusion and comedic calamity, with more episodes of drama than a month of soap operas.

The relatively new owner of The Cornish Confetti Agency is Lexi Harrington and every wedding she’s organised there seems to have been fraught with mysterious mayhem, pranksters and problems – and this latest one is no exception! She’s there with her fiancé, Theo Barker, and the absolutely fabulous Jasper Curtis and other friends but can they work together to identify the prankster before things get out of hand? Can she ensure the happy couple have the wedding they’ve dreamed of? Well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out what happens!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and virtually escaping to this idyllic region. The descriptions of the sights, sounds and tastes bring everything vividly to life in the imagination of the reader. There’s a constant feeling of unease, awaiting the next possible calamity, lots of laugh out loud incidents, such a range of characters and most will at least put a smile on your face. I hope you’ll love Jasper and his waistcoats as much as I do – he’s such a star throughout the series!

There’s also plenty of surprises, unexpected twists and turns, secrets to be revealed, confessions to be made and lots of love along the way. This book really lives up to its tagline as ‘A gorgeously uplifting romantic comedy‘ and I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys this genre or is looking for a lovely read to escape into and put a smile on their face.



The Cornish Confetti Agency is heading to Tuscany!

When Lexie Harrington is asked to choreograph a last-minute wedding for celebrity chef Nico Moretti and his fiancée Isla Sanderson, she can’t wait to get started, especially as the event of the year is set to take place at the spectacular Villa Fiore in the glorious, sun-soaked countryside just outside Florence. With its powder-pink façade, green-painted shutters and battalion of life-sized marble statues, it’s the perfect location for the intimate wedding the bride and groom want, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

With handsome wedding columnist-turned-TV scriptwriter, Theo Barker, by her side, and quirky waistcoat-loving Jasper Curtis in the role of usher, Lexie’s confident that this time she’ll be able to deliver the glamourous, sophisticated, and most of all, hassle-free wedding the happy couple deserve; no pirate patches on family portraits, no confetti-filled hairdryers, and definitely no anchovies crammed into the air vents of the best man’s beloved Porsche.

But this is The Cornish Confetti Agency, and the words ‘straightforward’ and ‘stress-free’ do not feature in the promotional brochure.  So when the Lexie discovers the Michelangelo-esque marble statues modelling a new line in paper thongs, and the groom’s swimwear has been substituted for something a little more risqué, she must once again turn amateur detective and unravel the mystery before the wedding becomes a Florentine fiasco.

A perfect Tuscan wedding?

Is there such a thing for The Cornish Confetti Agency?

A sun-filled, uplifting story perfect for the summer holidays, and the fifth book in the Cornish Confetti series, that can also be read as a standalone.

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6 comments on “Tuscan Dreams at the Cornish Confetti Agency by Daisy James – superb #RomCom and #Mystery

  1. daisyjamesblog
    January 16, 2021

    A massive thank you Elaine, for your absolutely wonderful review of Tuscan Dreams at the Cornish Confetti Agency. I’m thrilled you enjoyed your trip to Tuscany – wouldn’t it be lovely to sit on one of those streets in Florence sipping a glass of something cold? Love Daisy


    • bicted
      January 17, 2021

      Totally my pleasure, Daisy, and I certainly felt I was there, even if only virtually, whilst reading this fabulous book. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series now and hoping Lexie actually manages to arrange everything in time for her to marry Theo on their agreed date!


  2. Carla
    January 17, 2021

    Great review Elaine. I need to catch up with Lexie, I have the last one to read on my kindle, maybe this week if I can squeeze it in.


    • bicted
      January 17, 2021

      I hope you get chance to read it, Carla, I’ve loved every book in this series but now need the next one to be available asap!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Carla
        January 18, 2021

        I have the last one on my kindle, but haven’t read it or this one. They are on KU, so just need the time. I Ioved the first ones I read.


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