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#FamilyDrama – Take a Chance on Me by Beth Moran


Meet Patrick Cooper – desperately down on his luck, and head-over-heels in unrequited love with his best friend Bridget.

Meet Bridget’s sister, Emma Donovan –  eternally single maker-of-cakes for many a happy couple, whilst never making it down the aisle herself.

Emma has four younger sisters, all of whom are married or getting married, and an Italian mother who can’t understand what is ‘wrong’ with her eldest daughter, who seems to be stranded on the shelf.  Despairing of her own ability to find a suitable husband, Emma agrees to be part of a compatibility project to get married at first sight.

Meanwhile Cooper is struggling to get over his crush on Bridget and seems destined to stay firmly on the shelf too. Perhaps it’s time his fate was taken out of his hands…

Is happily-ever-after just about daring to take a chance, or do you need some extra magic to make love last?

Join Beth Moran, Cooper and the Donovan sisters on this life-affirming and uplifting tale of love, family, friendship, and risking it all for happiness.

My Review:

Thinking about it, this reads more like a contemporary family saga than romance. It is told from the points of view of Emma Donovan and her sister Bridget’s best friend from Uni, Patrick Cooper. Emma is the oldest of five sisters and she’s the only one who isn’t in a long term relationship. When Bridget’s task at University is to endeavour to trial a compatibility project with the hope of getting a couple to marry at first sight, Emma volunteers to participate and is matched, thanks to some skulduggery on his part, with Bridget’s co-worker, Patrick Cooper. Cooper fell in love with Bridget at first sight at University and, despite knowing she’s in a long term relationship with her childhood sweetheart, has always longed for a closer relationship with her. Now she’s engaged and about to get married he needs to move on and hopefully this will prove the way for him to do so…..

Meanwhile the other sisters and their partners are also having their own dilemmas, their Irish and Italian parents are coming to terms with his diagnosis of ME and there are family dramas galore. This isn’t a story where everything ends with everyone settled living their HEA in bliss. It is a story where some folks do get there but there are others still to do so. It really feels like a saga that needs continuing but I have no idea if there’s more to come or not.

The story is set in and around the Nottingham area and includes some places that are familiar to me. There’s even mention of the Nottingham Panthers who I’ve been to watch playing – though I actually support one of their rival teams (Sheffield Steelers). There are so many tasty treats, throughout the story and it also helps raise awareness for the dreadful condition, ME. It feels like a story of real folk, one that is on going and definitely not finished yet as they still have their lives to lead and futures to face.

Thank you to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.


Purchase Link – amzn.to/35peamI

Author Bio –

Beth Moran is the author of four novels, including the bestselling Christmas Every Day. She regularly features on BBC Radio Nottingham and is a trustee of the national women’s network Free Range Chicks. She lives on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest.

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3 comments on “#FamilyDrama – Take a Chance on Me by Beth Moran

  1. Carla
    February 7, 2021

    Nice review Elaine. What is the condition of ME? Am I missing something?


    • bicted
      February 7, 2021

      Thanks, Carla. ME is Myalgic Encephalopathy or Encephalomyelitis, a neurological disease that, paraphrasing the author’s note, affects up to a quarter of a million people in the UK and 20 million world wide. 25% of sufferers are housebound or bedbound. There’s no effective treatment or cure. You can find out more about research, etc regarding it at https://www.omf.ngo/ . Someone who used to be a colleague of mine suffers from it …..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Carla
        February 8, 2021

        Thanks Elaine, I will check it out.


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