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#RomCom – Only When It’s Love: Holding Out For Mr Right by Olivia Spring


Alex is tired of being single. After years of disastrous hook-ups and relationships that lead to the bedroom but nowhere else, Alex is convinced she’ll never find her Mr Right. Then her newly married friend Stacey recommends what worked for her: a self-help book that guarantees Alex will find true love in just seven steps. Sounds simple, right?

Except Alex soon discovers that each step is more difficult than the last, and one of the rules involves dating, but not sleeping with a guy for six months. Absolutely no intimate contact whatsoever. Zero. Nada. Rien. A big challenge for Alex, who has never been one to hold back from jumping straight into the sack, hoping it will help a man fall for her.

Will any guys be willing to wait? Will Alex find her Mr Right? And if she does, will she be strong enough to resist temptation and hold out for true love?

Join Alex on her roller coaster romantic journey as she tries to cope with the emotional and physical ups and downs of dating whilst following a lengthy list of rigid rules.

Only When It’s Love is a fun, feel-good, romantic comedy by British author Olivia Spring, about self-acceptance, determination, love and the challenge of finding the one.

The sequel, When’s The Wedding? will be published on 25th March 2021.

My Review:

This is a contemporary romance in which the lady concerned, Alex, is fed up of never meeting her Mr Right. Mind you, I’m really not sure how she expects to meet him with her behaviour! She is advised by a friend to follow the guidance given in a self-help book that worked well for her. After meeting Stacey’s husband and reflecting on her own experiences, Alex decides to give it a go. The main change in her life will be not sleeping with any date for six months instead of hopping into bed with every date as if it is the next course after dessert. It is a return to what may be seen as old fashioned dating – dates where you meet in public and don’t go home for coffee – or anything else rather than going out for a meal or drink always followed by jumping into bed with the date!

It also involves dating a wide range of blokes, getting to know them, finding the ones who treat her like a lady rather than someone they’re going out with just for going to bed with. It is also about getting to know and love yourself, not hiding behind masks or trying to be someone you really aren’t, being true to yourself, not trying to change to fit in with someone else’s ideals. Will it work for Alex? Well, there are plenty of dates, some surprises and shocks but you’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out. I have to admit she infuriated me at times but I admit to having the old fashioned values to start with. It is packed with tips for dating, behaviour and romance, too, that might help some folks but are often just good old fashioned common sense and values!

Thank you for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.

Purchase Link

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2AOLJ2A

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2VYs1u6

Author Bio – 

Olivia Spring is a British, London-based writer of contemporary women’s fiction, sexy chick lit and romantic comedy. Her uplifting debut novel The Middle-Aged Virgin, which was released in July 2018, deals with being newly single in your thirties and beyond, dating, relationships, love, sex and living life to the full.

In addition to The Middle-Aged Virgin, Olivia has published four novels: The Middle-Aged Virgin in Italy, Love Offline, Losing My Inhibitions and Only When It’s Love. When’s The Wedding?, the hotly anticipated sequel to Only When It’s Love and Olivia’s sixth novel, will be published in March 2021.

When she’s not writing, Olivia can be found travelling to Italy to indulge in pasta, pizza and gelato and of course, seeking inspiration for her next book!

Social Media Links – 

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @ospringauthor 


BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/olivia-spring 

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