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Fab first story in #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense series – Second Chance Alpha by Lola Gabriel


Title: Second Chance Alpha

Series: District Shifters #1

Author: Lola Gabriel

Published: February 1st 2020

Pages: 168

Rating: 4*



My Review:

This is a second chance paranormal romance in which teen sweethearts, Chessa and Noah, are very much in love but sometimes love means having to let the person go . . . Chessa can’t stand the thought of Noah, a bear shifter, stopping ageing when he’s twenty nine and him having to watch her continue to grow old. She decides to leave rather than force him to endure that. However, nine years later, her Mum’s illness forces her to return to her hometown and the two meet up again. The attraction is as strong as ever but Noah’s parents, the pack’s alphas, are adamant he should marry Riana, a female bear shifter…… Can love find a way to enable Chessa and Noah to be together at last?

This is a great introduction to a new series. I enjoyed the world building, the different paranormals involved in the story and the elements of betrayal, mystery, collaboration and suspense which make this a real page turner. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series and hope we get to learn more about Raina and the other characters from this first story in future ones. I’ve already downloaded other books in this series and look forward to reading them soon!

I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed this book.

The three other titles in this series are:

Shifting Loyalty

Wolf’s Secret

Protected by the Dragon


When Chessa comes back to town, Noah will once again claim her as his own and won’t let anything get in his way.
Nine years ago, Chessa walked away from her hometown and from Noah, the future alpha of the bear pack in District 175. Knowing Noah was immortal and she would get old and die, Chessa left him rather than one day become a burden to him.Noah has never stopped loving Chessa, and now he’s found a way she might be able to become immortal. There’s just one problem: Raina, the female bear Noah’s parents are insisting he marry.

Can Noah and Chessa find a way to defy all of the odds and be together? Or has too much time elapsed for them to pick up where they left off?

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for 18+ audiences.

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