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#Interview with Michelle L. E. Price, author of Photographed in the Writer’s Room

I’m very happy to welcome Michelle L E Price here today and thank her for kindly letting me share her answers to my questions with you.

Read on to find out her responses and more about her and her book, Photographed in the Writer’s Room . . .

Where did you get the inspiration for the book/series?  

It’s sort of silly (as are most of my stories), but one night when my kids were really little, I was out with a girlfriend. A sort of “Mom’s Night Out”, you know? At some point, we were talking about what life might be like when were weren’t lost in the weeds of motherhood… Like, what would we think about and do when every other thought didn’t have to be something like, “Did I remember to pack a snack?” or “Am I doing this right?”. Both of us were just kind of fantasizing about our dream jobs; she’d always wanted to be an actress and I had always wanted to write a book. But, we couldn’t stop laughing about how crazy it was to imagine taking those risks… That slightly tipsy conversation ended up being the inspiration for my Writer’s Room series. I imagined stories of women who would find their inner bravery and maybe mess up and try again and fail forward and definitely find their own happily ever after. But, it took me quite a while to actually figure out how to tell those stories, because I had to be brave enough to do all of those things myself, too: mess up, fail, try again.

What is your writing process? 

Messy. And nonlinear. The only real process is that I create character boards for each of my characters first and research the settings that I’m going to use heavily. I make the characters boards as detailed as I can – photos of what they look like, outfits they might wear, the car they drive, pictures of their office and home. Anything that helps be have a complete picture of them in my mind. I sometimes even assign them a Meyers Briggs personality type or an Ennegram number, just so I keep their motivations and reactions consistent. After I have the characters pretty clear, and I’m certain of the locations for the book, I kinda wing the rest of the writing process. For my first book, I’d drop my kids off at camp in the morning in this little town outside of Montreal, then I’d find some café to park myself in and just write until I didn’t have anything left. The book came to me in bits and pieces, definitely not in the right order. For this second book, I think I wrote the bulk of it on airplanes, trains, and in hotels. Anywhere and anytime I had alone time.

Do you write using pen and paper or on a computer? 

I wrote both of my first two books out in notebooks. The third book in this series, my current work in progress, I’m trying on my laptop. It seems to be working, but I kind of miss my notebooks. 

Who is your favourite character out of your stories and why? 

Meghan Linden’s best friend, Glen, from my first book, Hidden in the Writer’s Room, was one of my favorite characters to write. He was just exactly what she needed and, since he was a compilation of some of my very dear lawyer friends, I just loved him dearly. But, Kimmy and Lolli from Photographed in the Writer’s Room are the characters that make me just deliciously and completely happy. They are funny and quirky and ridiculous, and, honestly, I just miss them. I’d give a lot to be able to do a boozy brunch with those two! I may have to bring them back in another book…

If you were a character in your story, which would you like to be? 

Probably Kayla. She is a personal concierge who just seems to know how to handle everything single situation. Nothing ruffles her, and she handled every single detail of Michael’s life. I mean, I guess if I couldn’t be her, I would really like to be able to afford to hire her!! 

How and why did you choose the names for your main characters? 

Gosh, I don’t have a good answer for this one! However, I will say that Franklin, who is Brandi’s personal assistant in Photographed in the Writer’s Room, was named without me evening noticing… I know it’s hard to imagine, but early in the first draft, I was creating a text conversation with Brandi. I was just sort of writing it out in an outline, when I suddenly realized I was calling him by name. It just felt… right? It was as if his snarky voice just popped into my head with a fully formed personality and a predetermined name. Since we never really “see” him in the book, I had not done a character board for him… I’m still not even sure what Franklin looks like!

Thank you for answering my questions – I was very surprised you wrote your books in notebooks, just imaging trying to edit and proof read them! I hope working on your laptop will make things easier for you, though I know sometimes words seem to flow better when writing longhand. Kimmy and Lolli sound like they’d be great friends to haveI look forward to being able to have some meals out with real friends in the not too distant future!

Read on to find out more about Photographed in the Writer’s Room and Michelle L. E. Price!

Former TV star Brandi Tyler’s big screen debut crashed and burned amid rumors of an affair with her married co-star… Now, she wants nothing more than to quietly slink away from Hollywood. When she’s offered an opportunity to get out of town and work on a project involving the photographer that launched her career, it seems like the perfect escape! Unfortunately for Brandi, her famous face makes hiding out even a huge city like Houston a little tricky. 

When the celebrated photographer’s son offers to let her use his home for privacy, it seems like everything is falling into place. Little does she know that Michael Ames a gorgeous best selling author, and he comes with the package! As Brandi makes her way through old photographs and new scandals, Michael struggles with his next project, and they both fight the growing attraction between them. 

Maybe a posse of new girlfriends, some Texas-sized boozy brunches, and a little private time in the writer’s room will help this leading lady find her path back onscreen. And, if she can just picture it, maybe this time she’ll even find love?

Purchase Links

US – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08T6HGFG6

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08T6HGFG6 

Author Bio –

Born in Montreal but raised in New England, author Michelle L. E. Price has been writing as long as anyone can remember. An avid reader who was on the verge of losing her mind as a mom to two small children, Michelle began writing her first book, Hidden in the Writer’s Room, as an escape… at least her characters would do exactly what she told them to do and she could always count on a happily ever after ending. She also enjoys wine, re-watching 90’s sitcoms and occasionally running, but heavily relies on writing to stay sane. Michelle is a firm believer that laughter and love are the best parts of life.

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