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#SecondChanceRomance – The Cowboy Crashes a Wedding by Anne McAllister #readzTule

Title: The Cowboy Crashes a Wedding

Series: Cowboys of Horse Thief Mountain #3

Author: Anne McAllister  

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Pub Date 06 May 2021

Pages: 182   

Rating:  3.5*

My Review:

This is a contemporary romance in which it isn’t until he’s lost her that he realises just how much he needs her!

Cash Callahan is a rodeo bronc-rider, travelling from rodeo to rodeo but stopping in to visit his girlfriend, Milly Malone, between rodeos, when he’s passing through. He’s been doing this for five years but she’s decided he’s never going to change so she’s finished with him and is planning to marry someone else. He tries to convince her that she shouldn’t marry but she’s done waiting and the wedding is on Saturday . . . .

This story reflects on what has happened to this couple in the past, how their relationship has grown and how they’ve matured but have different expectations. It is about love, having to prove yourself and make yourself worthy as well as your goals changing. I’m glad Molly didn’t just give in to Cash and how he worked to show himself worthy of her love. I really hope a future book in this series has Molly’s intended as the male lead – he was something of a matchmaking hero in this story and deserves a love of his own IMHO!

Thank you to Tule Publishing for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.


Mr. No Commitments.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Cash Callahan has been committed to his rodeo bronc-riding career for years. But get married? No way. Cash isn’t opposed to marriage for other people. It’s just not for him—or for his long-time girl, Milly Malone—the one planning to marry another man. What on earth is she thinking?

Milly waited five years for Cash to pop the question. She’s given him enough rope to knit an interstate highway—and he keeps traveling right on down it. So she’s got a new beau, a wedding on Saturday, and no footloose, commitment-shy cowboy is going to mess things up.

A smart, clever woman like Milly should realize that marrying a boring number-cruncher is a mistake. But all Cash’s rational, sensible arguments don’t do a lick of good. There is only one way to prevent disaster—he’ll have to marry her himself!

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