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Fantastic ’50s #CosyMystery – The Bookshop Murder by Merryn Allingham

Travel back to Sussex in 1955 and meet Flora Steele
In this new murder mystery series where she seeks to reveal
Just what the truth is, aided by Jack, her new friend.
Can they both survive safely till the very end?

One day she’s fetching author Jack Carrington’s book
When he makes a discovery that leaves them both shook.
He discovers the body of a young antipodean
Hidden in the bookcases, hard to be seen.

So what really happened to this young stranger
And will seeking the truth put Flora and Jack in danger?
They discover secrets galore as they investigate
But can they reveal the murderer without tempting fate?

What was he doing in the bookshop
And what happened to kill him and cause him to stop?
The dynamic duo don’t know each other well
But both are suspicious and together seek the truth to tell.

I really enjoyed this is a great cosy mystery
Complete with its references to 50s history.
The setting is a community, close knit and small
Where everyone knows everyone who comes to call.

I requested a copy of this book
From Bookouture and NetGalley for me to take a look,
Having read the story and written my honest review
I have chosen to share it here with you.


Join Flora Steele – bookshop owner, bicycle-rider, day dreamer and amateur detective as she tackles her first case!

Sussex, 1955: When Flora Steele opens up her bookshop one morning she’s in for the surprise of her life! Because there, amongst her bookcases, is the body of a young man, with a shock of white-blond hair. But who was he? And how did he come to be there?

Determined to save her beloved bookshop’s reputation and solve the baffling mystery, Flora enlists the help of handsome and brooding Jack Carrington: crime writer, recluse and her most reliable customer.

The unlikely duo set about investigating the extraordinary case, following a lead across the sleepy village of Abbeymead to The Priory Hotel. When the hotel’s gardener dies suddenly, and they find out their victim was staying there, Flora’s suspicions are raised.

Are the two deaths connected? Is someone at the hotel responsible – the nervous cook, the money-obsessed receptionist, or the formidable manageress?

As the trail of clues takes Flora and Jack all over the village it becomes clear there’s more than one person hiding secrets in Abbeymead…

But does Flora have what it takes to uncover the truth – or will her amateur sleuthing put her in harm’s way?

Love Agatha Christie, Midsomer Murders and T E Kinsey? Then this brand-new cozy crime series featuring bookshop owner Flora Steele is just what you need!

Buy Link:Amazon: https://bit.ly/3rhXaJ4

Author Bio:

Merryn taught university literature for many years, and it took a while to pluck up the courage to begin writing herself. Bringing the past to life is a passion and her historical fiction includes Regency romances, wartime sagas and timeslip novels, all of which have a mystery at their heart. As the books have grown darker, it was only a matter of time before she plunged into crime with a cosy crime series set in rural Sussex against the fascinating backdrop of the 1950s.

Merryn lives in a beautiful old town in Sussex with her husband. When she’s not writing, she tries to keep fit with adult ballet classes and plenty of walking.

Title: The Bookshop Murder

Series: Flora Steele Mystery, #1

Author: Merryn Allingham

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: July 26th 2021

Pages: 256


6 comments on “Fantastic ’50s #CosyMystery – The Bookshop Murder by Merryn Allingham

  1. Merryn Allingham
    July 26, 2021

    How brilliant! I’ve never had a review in verse before, so thank you, Elaine. I particularly like antipodean/seen!


    • Splashes Into Books
      July 26, 2021

      Glad you liked it! I really enjoyed your book and look forward to reading (and reviewing) more of them in future!


  2. Carla
    July 27, 2021

    I always worry about historical cozies, they are hit and miss for me. Nice review Elaine, I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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