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Fun, #Paranormal #MurderMystery -A Midsummer Night’s Clean by Demitria Lunetta, Marley Lynn, Kate Karyus Quinn

Title: A Midsummer Night’s Clean

Series: Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services #6

Authors: Demitria Lunetta, Marley Lynn, Kate Karyus Quinn

Publisher: Little Fish Publishing

Published: July 13th, 2021

Pages: 218

Rating: 4*

My Review:

Paige is a cleaner for the supernatural folks
In this book full of suspense, murder, mystery - and jokes!
There are vampires, ogres, werewolves, shifters and the fae
In this story where you’re not sure who’ll survive the day!

Paige is married to Kit, to save him from danger
But is also mated to Nico, a werewolf - what could be stranger?
As warnings come from McGinnis in jail
Can she protect her friends - or will she fail?

There’s a paranormal production of Midsummer Night’s Dream
Where the star was murdered and Paige had to clean
After the star fell instead of flying.
Can they pull off the production without more dying?

This is an action packed, hilarious read
One that kept me page turning in a need
To discover who did what, when and to whom
Before anyone else could meet their doom!

If paranormal, romantic suspense with humour, too
Are just what is needed to read by you
Look no further, grab a copy of this book
You won’t regret giving it a good look!

I received a copy from Book Sirens - thank you!
I’ve read it and this is my honest review.


The show must go on…even when there’s been a murder.

I’m Paige Harper and I’m still trying to get back on my feet after being kidnapped. When my housemate, Darron, offers me a gig cleaning at the historical theater where he’s directing his first play, it seems like an easy job. Until the girl playing Titania falls to her death during rehearsal. Of course, I’m gonna help Darron find the murderer. But somehow I also get roped into taking a part on stage too.

Even worse, Nico, the one-eyed PI werewolf, joins the cast as well – as my love interest. It’s beyond awkward because I accidentally “claimed” Nico during our recent jaunt into Faerieland. And he claimed me back. This created some sort of magical bond that has made the underlying simmer between us push over into a full boil. He can’t keep his hands off me; and I can’t help but want to claw the eyes out of every girl that looks at him. And that includes his ex-girlfriend, Mavis. She’s in town tracking down a lead on O.H.I.O. – the super-secret anti-supe organization that seems to be behind the Great Ghosting.

Jealousy, paranoia, sexual antics, a brainwashed zombie vampire, and all the drama of community theatre–both on stage and off–are going to make this my hardest case yet.

If I can’t keep my head down–and my pants on–I’m afraid that it’ll be curtains for me. 


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