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A very different, moving story – I Let Him In by Jill Childs

Last night I dreamt about the past for the first time in years. I thought I was over it. I thought I’d finally learned to block it out. But I’m right back there, all over again, inside the house, and I’m afraid…

When Louise Taylor is hit by a car as she cycles home in the rain following a fight with her boyfriend, she’s left hurt, confused, and housebound in her cramped apartment while she recovers. And worse, something tells her it wasn’t an accident.

Desperate to keep busy and distract herself from the flashbacks to her childhood that are beginning to resurface, she hires Edward – a friend of a friend – to repaint her shabby living room and, hopefully, keep the past at bay.

But when Edward arrives – quiet, considerate and handsome – Lou instantly feels like they’ve met before, that she can trust him. Tired of carrying the guilt alone after all these years, Lou tells Edward her secret. And to her surprise, he doesn’t pull away. He doesn’t gasp, or grimace or preach about what she did. And Lou is so relieved to finally be free of this burden at last.

Until she learns that Edward has a secret of his own. One he’s been waiting a very, very long time to tell…

A gripping domestic drama from a USA Today bestselling author full of twists and turns, and with a very unexpected ending. Fans of Amanda Prowse, Kerry Fisher and Jodi Picoult won’t be able to stop turning the pages.

My Review:

A very different read, courtesy of Bookouture and NetGalley!
What did I honestly think of it - read on to see . . . . 

An argument finishing with her boyfriends is the start
To this very different story filled with drama and heart.
She’s hit by a car are she cycles alone
The driver leaves without helping despite her moan.

With a broken leg and concussion, too,
Louise’s plans are in need of urgent review.
Instead of adventure she’s having to stay
Until she’s healed there’s no going away.

Her sister convinces her to have someone in
To decorate and give her company would be a win.
Victim support comes to check up on Lou
And recommends a friend to do the decorating, too!

So Edward arrives to help sort her decor out.
He’s quiet, kind and handsome and makes her doubt
How can she feel she already knows him yet
They both know the two have only just met?

As the two get closer, secrets are shared,
But I have to warn you that you need to be prepared.
This story has a twist, I certainly didn’t foresee
One that makes it a story as different as can be.

This is a gentle read with surprises in store
One in which time and love change life more and more.
It is a tale of sacrifice and love that is true
I hope you get to read it and enjoy it, too.


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