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Fun #Children’s Book – The Accidental Prime Minister Returns by Tom McLaughlin

In the Accidental Prime Minister, Joe Perkins was trying to save his local park when he accidentally ended up being Prime Minster.

In this hilarious sequel, Joe is back. The people need someone to remind them about the good things in life; about how we can all come together to make the world a better place.

Where there is grumpiness, may we bring giggles, where there is jelly, may we bring ice-cream, and where there are chairs, may we bring whoopee cushions!

Joe Perkins, first kid PM, is back and ready to make politics fun again.

My Review:

I received a copy of this book via Amazon and this is my honest review after choosing to read it:

This is a children’s book
At which it is definitely worth taking a look.
It is a funny but inspirational tale
About Joe Perkins who just might fail
In his attempt to remain
As the Accidental Prime Minister again!

Trying to save his local park
Might seem like something of a lark
But Joe was cross at the PM’s reply
And found himself uttering his own war cry
He’s the PM but others are trying now
To get him out, they don’t care how.

In a story full of laughs
There are also plenty of gaffes.
It is about learning who to trust
And being honest to yourself is a must. 
A tale that’s funny but inspirational, too, 
Encouraging always being honest to you.

With info about democracy and elections,
And much about making careful selections.
Winning isn’t the ultimate goal
If that means playing a false role.
Whatever you say, whatever you do
To your own self you must be true.


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