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Lovely, fun, friends first, contemporary romance – Written For You by Robin Bielman

Title: Written For You

Author: Robin Bielman

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Published: August 23rd, 2021

Pages: 332

Rating: 5*

My Review:

Thanks to Entangled: Amara and NetGalley, too
For my copy of this book, here’s my honest review:

This is such a delightful read
I really, really hope it be the first in series, yes indeed!
A tragic plane crash orphaned three young boys but then
They were kept together and brought up as family again.

This is the story of one of those boys who is now a man
He’s a screenwriter returning home with a plan
He’ll be there for a month during his stay
He needs his latest blockbuster written and out of the way.

His best friend is Reese, she was adopted as a child, too
And their adoptive Mums are best friends who
Have brought their four children up to look after each other
Like having one sister and two or three brothers.

However between Reese and Cam the feelings
Are no longer those of siblings, leaving them reeling.
Dare they risk their brilliant friendship after all
To see if they both into love will fall?

With work pressures from someone who is a bully
Will that man their relationship sully?
With threats and messages from that man
He’s someone of whom I’m not a fan!

Will they dare to take a chance
On this friends first developing romance?
It is a story full of love and family fun
Leaving you smiling when it is done!

Another fantastic and funny read which I have to say
Will hopefully be the first in a series some day.
I’d like to revisit and hope to discover
If there’s a romance for each other brother!


Cam Radcliffe is on a deadline to write his next blockbuster action film, but all he can think about lately is writing romance. The inspiration? His best friend, Reese.

They’ve known each other for years, but suddenly working in the same office has given him a whole new appreciation of her. Reese is driving him wild in the best possible way, and Cam only hopes it isn’t obvious. If she knew, he’s certain their friendship would reach The End.

So, of course, Reese figures it out. But the awkward, negative response he expected is nothing like the reality—like they’re living their own romcom.

A romcom that’s giving him the worst case of writer’s block at the absolute worst time in his career. Especially when the secret Reese has been forced to keep comes out…and threatens to ruin everything.


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