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Superb #CrimeThriller – Lost Angels by Stacy Green

When Special Agent Nikki Hunt is called to the Boundary Waters near Stillwater, Minnesota, it’s not just the cold that shocks her to her core: the body of a young woman has been found frozen beside a remote lake. Nikki is devastated to see the victim is her childhood friend Annmarie, and she recognizes the velvet ribbon tied in her hair as the hallmark of a serial killer who she has been hunting for years.

Desperate for justice, Nikki throws herself into the case. But she is shaken by what she finds at Annmarie’s home: a dead-bolt on her front door and a map in the spare room, with the locations of murdered women circled in thick, red marker. Did Annmarie know she was next? Then Nikki finds out that the killer has left a clue in Annmarie’s bedroom: a photo of Nikki’s mother that no one has ever seen. Has the murderer at large been in Nikki’s life since she was a child?

Nikki soon realizes that the key to unlocking this case is in her own family, but digging up the past could put her own daughter in danger. She has spent her whole life protecting the ones she loves, but to find this killer Nikki might have to risk everything… 

My Review:

My thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley, too
For my copy of this book, here's my honest review:

If you enjoy edge of your seat crime thrillers
With a twisted, dangerous serial killer
Make sure you don't miss this fantastic book
It is definitely worth more than just a look!

The Frost Killer has eluded Nikki Hunt for years
But each new death adds extra fears
The first in this story is a childhood friend
Can Nikki bring this killer's spree to an end?

With great characters and events, this is a superb case
Occurring in such dark and forbidding places
This truly is a gripping, suspense-filled read
Just what any crime thriller fan could need.

With so many twists and family surprises, too
This story has you seeking every little clue
However, there are twists I definitely didn't foresee
I wonder if they'll surprise you as much as they did me?


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