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Fascinating #PsychologicalThriller – The New Home by Chris Merritt – with a shocking twist!

You never know what’s happening behind closed doors…

Freya loves her new home on a quiet suburban street. And her beautiful neighbour Emily is everything she’s ever wanted in a best friend. Finally, she has somebody to share her secrets with over a glass of wine. But as Freya watches her new friend setting the table for dinner one evening, she sees something shocking that makes her think that Emily’s life might not be as perfect as it seems. Days later, Emily and her daughter vanish…

When you meet Emily’s husband, you will think you know what he’s hiding.

You will ask yourself whether Emily and Freya really did meet by chance.

You will think you know what happened to Emily and her little girl the night they went missing.

But when you discover the truth, it will shake you to your core and you will lie awake at night wondering if you can ever really trust the people in the house next door…

Fans of Claire McGowan, Shalini Boland and Lisa Jewell will love the gripping tension and unexpected twists of The New Home. Once you start reading, you’ll be hooked!

My Review:

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley, too
For this intriguing read, here's my honest review:

This is a suspense filled disappearance thriller book
At which I highly recommend you take more than a look.
It starts with Freya and Jack moving into a quiet street
Where everything looks like it can't be beat.

However appearances are deceptive at times
And can conceal unmentionable crimes.
With new neighbours and friends, too,
How can they know just what is said is true?

When a wife and child suddenly disappear and go
The police come calling, answers wanting to know.
Freya is worried and wants her friend to return
So sets out to find just what she can learn.

The story is gripping, a psychological thriller
With a twist at the end that's a real chiller.
There's history, mystery, threats and surprises
And danger from someone Freya never realises.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride read
I highly recommend this one if this genre you need.
With a well paced story, it kept me engaged
Right until I reached the very last page.

Buy Links: 

Amazon: https://geni.us/B0953LNBJNcover 

Apple: http://ow.ly/ec2A50EP84U 

Kobo: http://ow.ly/7Og450EP813 

Google: http://ow.ly/ZEm950EP86M 

Author Bio

Chris Merritt is a British author whose crime thrillers combine psychology, suspense, and characters you care about.

All his novels are set in London, where he lives. He began writing fiction in 2014, after previous careers as a diplomat, based in Iraq and Jerusalem, and later as a psychologist working with victims and perpetrators of crime. He specialised in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which sparked his interest in telling stories about how people cope when faced with extreme adversity.

Now, he spends most of his time writing novels and drinking coffee while *thinking* about writing novels. When he’s not writing, he loves climbing and playing basketball.

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrismerrittauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drcjmerritt

Website: https://www.cjmerritt.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cjmerritt81/

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