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Start to a #Paranormal #Romantic #Suspense series- Codename W #1 by Odette C Bell

My Review:

Thanks to Amazon for my copy of this book,
Which I've voluntary read and took a look.
It is a paranormal romantic suspense 
In a setting which, to the heroine, doesn't always make sense.

The heroine is Bessie, and her eyes often blur
Helping her see what to others isn't there.
She's a klutzy journalist who is determined to prove
She's right and she'll not lose!

However, Xavier Kilmer is a ghost vampire for who,
When the two met, sparks definitely flew!
He's determined to protect her however he can
But her reaction has always been to scram!

This is an exciting start to an adventure with shadows and flaws
Where you start to wonder just what is their cause.
The well paced story keeps you turning the pages so
You're never quite sure how everything will go.


It doesn’t matter what’s after you. The only thing that counts is who’s in your corner.
Bessie is just meant to be an ordinary journalist. Okay, she’s kinda scatty, bolshie, and has never backed down from a story – or a fight. But when a fight comes to her that could consume the whole city, there’s only one person she can turn to.
Xavier Kilmer is a ghost vampire. He’s also Bessie’s sworn enemy. The animosity isn’t mutual. Three years ago, he met her and sparks flew. Ever since, every paper in town has promised she’s his true mate.
But right now, all Bessie needs is a miracle. When a shadowy force called the Ghost King reaches through the dark to claim her as his bride, only Xavier can help. But all help comes at a cost.

Tune in for the thrilling first installment of the exciting thrill-ride, Codename W. This series is complete, and there are four books in total. So start the journey today.


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