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My #Review of the gorgeous ‘A Lighthouse Christmas’ by Jenny Hale -family history, drama, mystery and so much more!

My Review:

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley, too,
For my copy of this book, here's my honest review:

Memories of happy times spent on the sea shore
Time with a much love Grandmother and so much more.
Letting go of things is never easy to do
But when it is a special family home this is especially true.

Mia Broadhurst returns to help sort everything out
But there are memories everywhere she turns about.
With divorce looming and life choices being put to the test
She's having difficulties sorting out what will be for the best.

This is a story of grieving for people and the past,
Of loves that are lost and hopes that are dashed,
But don't take it to be a sad story, the opposite is true
It is also about family, romance and second chances, too. 

Such a moving story, filled with contrasts great and small,
And the family lighthouse at the centre of it all.
Can the keep it in the family or will they have to sell?
You need to read the story for yourself for I'm not going to tell!


A heartwarming page-turner about the beauty of being at home with family, second chances, and the magic of Christmas, when anything is possible… A gorgeous festive treat for fans of Debbie Macomber, Pamela Kelley, and Sheila Roberts.

When her beloved grandmother passes away, Mia Broadhurst returns to the snow-covered seaside village of Winsted Cape, where Grandma Ruth ran the lighthouse overlooking the golden beach.

This will be Mia’s first Christmas without her, and she can’t bear to part with the lighthouse that has been in their family for generations. As she steps into it, childhood memories rush back to her. She can almost hear them playing tag on the steps… But her life is back in New York, dedicated to a busy PR firm, and she has no choice but to sell.

With the snow falling, turning the grounds into a winter wonderland, Mia works with real estate agent Will Thacker. As they restore the historical building, she tries not notice how handsome he is. After all, she’s only home for Christmas… And Will’s deep blue eyes, as stormy as the Atlantic Ocean, tells her he has his own heartbreak to contend with.

Warmed by a crackling fire, Mia packs up Grandma Ruth’s belongings with the help of her mother and sister. But waiting for them is a black-and-white photograph with a faded inscription. The mysterious message is the key to a family secret that has been hidden for decades––one that changes everything.

When Mia finds out the truth, will it save the precious lighthouse and show Mia where her heart belongs? Or will it tear her from Winsted Cape––and Will––for ever?


One comment on “My #Review of the gorgeous ‘A Lighthouse Christmas’ by Jenny Hale -family history, drama, mystery and so much more!

  1. Carla
    October 15, 2021

    This book is on my Christmas TBR for next month, and I am looking forward to it. Nice review and I am pretty sure they will keep the lighthouse, but I guess I will have to read it to be sure.


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