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#BookReview for Fun, children’s book – Animal Riddles Book: 300 fun riddles and brain-teasers (National Geographic Kids)

The fun-filled quiz book that kids and the whole family will enjoy this Christmas

Have fun with family and friends with this book of brain-teasing riddles that will have everyone scratching their heads!

I’m the world’s fastest land animal. I can’t climb trees. What am I?

My eyes are bright, my chest is red, you might see me perched on your garden shed! What am I?

My fur is black and white. I spray my enemies with a very smelly liquid. What am I?

Packed with rhyming riddles, laugh out loud jokes, tricky teasers and tons of colourful photos they are sure to keep animal fans of all ages entertained!

My Review:

Looking for something that's full of fun, facts and laughter?
This could be the very book that you're after!
I received a complementary copy of this book
And this is my review, please take a look.

With 300 fun riddles and brainteasers, too
This book has more animals than in a zoo!
With gorgeous photos of animals by the score
This is a book for animal lovers, kids and more.

There are fun facts interspersed throughout
And riddles to puzzle and think about
Designed to appeal to children, this book
Is definitely worth more than a quick look.

I think it would make a great present for youngsters who
Enjoy animals and humour and this blend of the two.
It would be a great stoking filler idea
As the festive season is growing near. 

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/000848015X

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