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Heartwarming Festive #Amish new start #Romance – Christmas Grace by Mindy Steele

Title: Christmas Grace

Author: Mindy Steele

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Published: October 26th, 2021

Pages: 352

Rating: 4*

My Review:

This is a contemporary Amish romance
In which someone who has been shunned is given another chance
It shows that different communities have different rules
Some of which can seem most cruel.

Sent to repent her sins and give birth to her child
Grace Miller is living in a cabin out in the wild.
She's shocked by how forgiving the community seems
And some so helpful, she's not sure she dreams.

In the welcoming community she soon has friends
People who don't judge her or expect her to make amends
Instead they're supportive, helpful and kind
Even when she rejects them, they don't seem to mind.

This is a story of learning to forgive yourself too
And to look forward with faith in all you do.
It is a second chance for several characters who
Have suffered grief and lost loved ones, too.

It is a heartwarming story of new chances
Where bullying doesn't give you any romances.
A story of friendship, family and also shows
God's plans for us, no one else knows!

This is my honest review of a complementary copy of the book.
I really enjoyed reading it and hope you'll give it a good look!


Second chances and the Christmas spirit abound in Mindy Steele’s heartwarming novel, one of faith, love, and the power of community.

Grace Miller believed herself in love with the charming Englischer who eventually broke her heart. Now alone except for the secret life growing inside her, she arrives in the unfamiliar small village of Walnut Ridge, Kentucky, to hide and hopefully gain forgiveness.

She is pleasantly surprised, however, to find a tight-knit, welcoming group who help her heart grow right alongside her belly. And with the holidays around the corner, there’s plenty of preparations to occupy her mind. Also occupying her mind? Her strong, protective neighbor, Cullen Graber, the town’s blacksmith, who seems intent on not allowing her to ever suffer alone.

Cullen Graber gave up on love after too many losses early in life. He planned to live out his days focusing on his smithy business, yet the beautiful and mysterious Grace refuses to leave his thoughts. But can they open their hearts to God’s grace and create a new family together before Grace must return home?


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