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Fantastic story telling brings this book to life – Her Forbidden Highlander Husband by Allison B Hanson

Liam MacKinlay is certain that when he asks for Evelyn Stewart’s hand in marriage, the third time’s the charm. For hasn’t he risen to war chief of the clan MacKinlay, a seasoned warrior, and an honored member of the clan that took him in as a child? But once again, her father denies Liam the lass he lost his heart to years ago.

Daughter of the Laird of the Stewart clan, Evelyn is expected to perform her daughter’s duty, including marry for the better of the clan… even if that’s against her will. But upon learning her father plans to trade her to an unknown clan in exchange for cattle, she will do almost anything to escape the future set out before her—including running away and marrying Liam MacKinlay.

Liam’s discovering that beneath Evelyn’s sweet disposition is an iron will to match any warrior. But now their marriage may start a war between the clans and Liam must fight for his new wife and his family. Even if it means raising his sword against those he calls “kin”…

My Review:

This is the third book involving the Clan MacKinlay
A historical romance set in the Highlands with troubles along the way.
However, you don't need to read the others to enjoy this so
If you're a historical romance fan, I recommend you give it a go!

Evelyn Stewart, the laird's daughter, was captured and abused,
Before being rescued and returned to her father who wasn't amused.
He also wasn't supportive about her dreadful ordeal
Never being caring, or concerned about how she'd feel.

Liam MacKinlay was one of the men who saved her
And helped reassure her that he and his men were there.
He fell in love with her on the journey to return her home
Losing his heart to her then for it never more to roam.

When Liam asks three times her father's permission her to marry
Her father says no and tells him not to tarry.
But Evelyn fears her fathers plans, and decides to take a chance
On marrying Liam and going with him as her chance for romance.

However, there are secrets and some mysteries, too,
Liam doesn't know his own past and isn't sure what to do
But his attraction to Evelyn overcomes his fears
You'll need to read it for yourself to see if it ends in tears!

It is a story of a true gentleman, although a warrior bold
Who loves sincerely and dreams of a family to hold.
There are delightful children who all have their part
And whose actions and love will surely win your heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading my complementary copy of this book
It is definitely one that is worth more than just a look.
This is my honest review
As I recommend this book to you!


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