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Fun, rhyming, inspirational children’s story – The Boy Who Breathed Underwater by Izzy Rees – with great illustrations!

Today I’m posting information and my review for ‘The Boy Who Breathed Underwater’ which was written by Izzy Rees and illustrated by Sarah Leigh Wills…….

When lying in his bed, a boy is visited by a genie. He is given a week to try out different superhero powers. What adventures will he have, and which power will he choose to keep?

My Review

If you could have a superhero power, what would you choose it to be?
Well that's what the boy in this story is given the choice - read it to see!
He has a week to try them out before he must choose
Sounds like fun and after all, he has nothing to lose.

But though superpowers sound like fun
They aren't always as great when the day is done.
See which he tries and what he finds out
As he experiments and goes about.

It is a fun read with humour and laughter, too,
A story to get you thinking of options for you.
With a powerful message this story shares
In a way that shows how the genie cares.

The story is told in rhyme,
A winner for me, every time!
The illustrations are also great
And to the main character it is easy to relate.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading my complementary copy of this book
And highly recommend parents, carers and teachers give it a look.
It is an inspirational but fun story, too.
That I honestly highly recommend to you.



Author Bio –

Izzy Rees was born in West London, but has spent the last thirty years living in Derby. Ten years ago, when her three girls were young, she began work on a series of rhyming picture books, created in snatched moments, and initially written on small scraps of paper or whatever was available. She always intended to revisit them, and Covid and lockdown presented the opportunity; unable to continue her work as a neurophysiotherapist, working with vulnerable patients, she decided it was now or never! She has written six books so far in the ‘The Boy Who’ series, The Boy Who Breathed Underwater being the first one. The others will be published in the near future.

Social Media Links – https://www.facebook.com/izzyreeschildrensauthor

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