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Lovely, beautifully illustrated, festive read for children – Thomas Saves Christmas !

Join Thomas and his friends for a festive adventure!

In this beautifully-illustrated picture book, Thomas and Percy must work against the clock to clear the snow and deliver the presents for Christmas. Can they make it in time?

Thomas and Percy were really excited for Christmas Day. They were busy getting their jobs done when they found out that the presents hadn’t been delivered to the villagers! Find out if our beloved engines can save Christmas in this wonderful picture book adventure.

Thomas has been teaching children lessons about life and friendship for 75 years. He ranks alongside other beloved characters such as Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit as an essential part of our literary heritage.

My Review:

Thomas and friends have a job to be done - 
Saving Christmas and ensuring there's fun!
In this beautifully illustrated picture book
See familiar characters when you take a look.

The story is in the same vein
As the original ones about this train
It had many of the original characters who
Work together to save Christmas, too.

This will appeal to young children who
Will appreciate the beautiful cover and great illustrations, too.
The story is fun and a festive treat
Helping deliver presents is always neat!

This will make a wonderful Christmas Eve read
As Thomas, Percy, Harold and Terence complete their good deed.
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
I throughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.

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