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Emotional, fascinating and moving read – Daughters of Magpie Cove by Kennedy Kerr – #BooksOnTour

Title: Daughters of Magpie Cove

Series: Magpie Cove #3

Author: Kennedy Kerr

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: 9th December, 2021

Pages: 238

Rating: 5*

My Review:

Wow - what a great read this proved to be
I hope you'll try it and then agree!
Ideal for anyone wanting small community and romance
Along with mystery, suspense and giving others a chance!

Connie Christie returns to Magpie Cove once more
To this Cornish seaside community she used to adore
But weird messages, stalking and being watched, too
Took away her joy and made escaping what she'd do.

Now she's back to stay, at least for a while,
Taking charge of the family museum and upping its style.
But when the frightening messages start coming again
Is she brave enough to remain?

Who could the perpetrator be?
Is it a he or is it a she?
As her childhood peers she meets once more
Could it be one of them continuing what happened before?

New friendships are possible, but who can she trust?
Being wary and careful is really a must.
There's even the possible chance 
Of her being part of a new romance!

What a fantastic read it proved to be,
Complete with romance and mystery.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you will too,
A heartwarming story where dreams come true.

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
I throughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.

Book Description:

Connie stared out at the quiet Cornish sea as the hazy early morning light bathed the horizon in a beautiful golden glow. She inhaled the salty, cleansing ocean air, looked down at the handwritten note and wiped away the lone tear that had started to fall…

When Connie Christie’s mother summons her home from the city to Magpie Cove to take over the family business – a quaint, charming museum – Connie is reluctant. The cove holds nothing more than bad memories for Connie, memories she’d rather leave buried…

The tiny coastal museum is a hub for the local community but it is struggling to survive, and despite herself, Connie is determined to save the business that has been in her family for generations. Discovering her great-grandmother’s diary tucked away in a dusty box in the attic – which reveals her struggles as a young woman – gives Connie a surprising clue to unlocking the secrets in her own past. Maybe what happened to her all those years ago wasn’t her fault after all?

Connie starts to relish her work at the museum and the beautiful, calm surroundings of Magpie Cove. A chance encounter with handsome local entrepreneur, Alex Gordon, leaves her with more than just butterflies. Perhaps embracing a new start in her old home maybe isn’t the worst idea she’s ever had.

But just as Connie starts to feel like she finally belongs somewhere, the peace she has found crumbles when the one person she has tried for years to forget resurfaces… Can Connie finally find her home, and herself, in Magpie Cove, or will her painful past force her to run away again, this time for good?

From USA Today bestselling author Kennedy Kerr comes a heartfelt, emotional read, set on the beautiful coast of Cornwall. Fans of Sheila O’Flanagan, Mary Alice Monroe and Pamela Kelleywill adore it.

Amazon: https://bit.ly/3ryTCo0

Apple: https://apple.co/3zuUytA

Kobo: https://bit.ly/2XC8Lbb

Google: https://bit.ly/2Z8PKxA

Author Bio:

Kennedy Kerr has written and published poetry, children’s and adult books. She lives in London and is originally from the West Country, which gave her accent a subtle (yet noticeable) pirate twang as well as a love of cream teas and all things mystical.

Kennedy loves mythology, magic, tarot, pretty much most music, fantasy and sci-fi novels, luxury skincare products, spas, candlelight and stormy beaches. She is the proud owner of a cuddly black cat called Twinkle, who evidently believes she is a princess. Kennedy also loves cooking and baking all types of food, which is almost as much fun as eating it.

Find out more about on her Facebook Author page: facebook.com/kennedykerrauthor; she is also on Twitter as @KennedyKerr5.

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