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Fantastic, small community, drama and romance – Goodbye, No More Excuses by Ian Wilfred

Caroline and Paul had been married for 20 years. Although they loved each other as much as the day they first met, their relationship had run into problems and Caroline knew she couldn’t continue with it any longer.

Leo is Caroline’s flamboyant gay friend who helps her to make a new start. Before long they become the talk of Norfolk and the hot new people to know.

Paul is devastated to lose Caroline and knows that if he wants to win her back he must change certain things in his life.

When John, George and Ringo enter their lives it’s not just their careers that are on the up, but romance also comes knocking at the door.

My Review:

What a fun read this proved to be
As Caroline moves to Norfolk, close to the sea.
After 20 years married, she still loves Paul,
And her leaving is, for him, a wake up call.

Caroline moves to make a fresh start
And her new home needs to play a part.
Making it right for her is what she'll do
Working with Paul and her friend, Leo, too.

Get ready for laughter, love and fun
As Caroline and Leo strive to get things done.
When three new men enter their lives, too
Romance comes calling - but for who?

With John, Paul, George and Ringo around
This quartet won't be making any musical sound
But all have a part to play
In how things will work out one day.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful book
And hope my review encourages you to also take a look.
The story is fun and left me wearing a smile
What a lovely way to escape for a while!


Kindle Edition, 137 pagesPublished March 18th 2018

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