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Brilliant start to new series! – The Inn at Harts Haven by Patricia Davids – #AmishRomance #Suspense

Title: The Inn at Harts Haven

Series: The Matchmakers of Harts Haven #1

Author: Patricia Davids

Publisher: Harlequin (US and Canada)

Published: January 4th, 2022

Pages: 384

Rating: 4*

My Review:

This is a very different Amish romantic suspense,
A story of mobsters and escaping where everything is tense!
Victoria Abigail Worthington is pregnant and scared
She’s running from her crime-boss father as quickly as she dared.
Going to where she spent summers with her gran
Doing her best to stay as safe as she can.

Her Mum rejected her parents' Amish ways
But made sure that her child experienced it on summer days.
Her Mum's death and that of her grandparents, too,
Meant her controlling father then chose what she should do.
She daren't stay with him or her ex-boyfriend
Instead escaping to safety is what she intends.

Taking a job as a maid at the Inn at Harts Haven
Gives her the sense of safety and love that she's craved
But unless she thwarts her father's search for her then
He'll return her into his controlling care once again.
Can she stay safe and protect the other folk too?
She'll try her best and do all she can do.

Get ready for a matchmaker, who is friendly and cares
Along with a contractor who no longer dares.
Whilst learning more of the Amish ways,
Getting her grandparents' home ready for her stays,
Birdwatching and joining the Amish community, too
Assuming a new identity as Abby Martin she'll do.

This story is one that's full of suspense and fears
But also has laughter, hopes and joyful tears.
With courage and faith and good community support, too
It is amazing just what you can do!
And with brilliant folk like Rose in your life
You'll have support to overcome any strife!

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
I throughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.


“Patricia writes with heart, integrity and hope. Her stories both entertain and edify—the perfect combination.” —Kim Vogel Sawyer, award-winning and bestselling author

In this close-knit Amish community, she’ll hide in plain sight…

Pregnant and desperate, Victoria Worthington runs to the only place that’s ever felt safe. For years she’s been controlled, first by her crime-boss father, then by her ex-boyfriend. Donning a hand-sewn dress, a kapp and a new name, she escapes as Abby Martin to the Amish community of Harts Haven, where she spent happy summers with her grandparents. Taking a job as a maid at the local inn, Abby plans to repair her grandparents’ abandoned house and build a new life for her baby.

Since a tragedy took his family, contractor Joseph Troyer has traveled from one Amish town to another, refusing to let anyone get close. Not that it stops the inn’s elderly, eccentric owner, Rose, from doing some matchmaking while Joe renovates her kitchen. Though Abby is more outspoken than any Amish woman he knows, something draws him to her—and to the secrets she’s hiding.

Taken under Rose’s wing, Abby begins to find her place at last. But even here there’s no hiding from the past. Only by facing it with courage, faith and the unexpected gift of love can this haven become the home she’s longed for.   

The Matchmakers of Harts Haven

Book 1: The Inn at Harts Haven

3 comments on “Brilliant start to new series! – The Inn at Harts Haven by Patricia Davids – #AmishRomance #Suspense

  1. Carla
    January 4, 2022

    This does sound very different from other Amish stories I have read. Great review Elaine.


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