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#Promo and #Excerpt from ‘Three Days in Vienna’ by John Steinberg #BlogTour

Today, I’m happy to share with you information about John Steinberg’s fifth novel, and sequel to Blue Skies over Berlin Three Days in Vienna. Read on to find out more about this book, along with an extract from it along with information about its author……

Title: 3 Days in Vienna

Author: John Steinberg 

Published: 3rd December 2021

Publisher: 2QT Limited

Page Count: 350 pages

Genre : Fiction


At home in London, her lawyer husband Anthony is facing disgrace.

Vast sums have been siphoned off from his firm’s client account to support the far right British Independent Party of which his father, William, is Treasurer.

William’s close links with the Crediton Trust in Devon, a pharmaceutical company of prestige and power, are helping to make his political ambitions a reality. However, behind the big-business façade of Crediton lies a dark past rooted in Nazi Germany, of theft and the sinister use to which its drugs were put during World War Two. 

For the McCrearys, one astounding revelation follows another. Nothing can ever be the same – and all roads lead inexorably back to Vienna.

An Excerpt to whet your appetite for more of this book!

Elizabeth starts to wonder what kind of family she has married into…

That evening, Elizabeth sat on the edge of the bed, her head full of contradictory thoughts. The evening had been a complete disaster. Until now, she had usually got on reasonably well with her in-laws, so her uncharacteristic outburst was something she ascribed to having drunk too much.

‘What was all that about?’ her husband’s well-spoken voice enquired from behind the crime novel he’d been pretending to read.

‘I never realised how narrow-minded they were until now,’ Elizabeth said moodily.

‘What, just because of my father’s few disparaging remarks about that Pakistani chap, Mustafa? A bit of an overreaction on your part, wouldn’t you say?’

‘You always told me how good Mustafa was at his job,’ Elizabeth retorted, turning to face the lean figure sprawled out on the king-size bed.

‘True, but let’s face it, he’s hardly partner material.’

‘Because he doesn’t quite fit the mould, you mean?’

‘An established practice like McCreary’s does have to think of its reputation, you know,’ Anthony asserted, putting his book down to make his point.

‘One which doesn’t include anybody other than white Anglo-Saxon public-school boys, I suppose.’

‘And a few upper-class lasses besides,’ Anthony said straight-faced.

‘I’m surprised your family ever accepted me, a second generation Austrian refugee!’ Elizabeth retaliated.

‘Nonsense. You’re practically as British as I am! And in any case, they adore you.’

‘Only because of the children,’ Elizabeth answered back.

Author Bio

Born and raised in North London in 1952, John still lives in the city with his wife and three children. Privately educated, John left school after ‘A’ levels and completed a business diploma in what is now the University of Westminster, before entering banking.

He started training as an accountant but did not complete the course, choosing a position in his family’s furniture manufacturing business instead. John started his own mergers and acquisitions business in 1987, which he ran for almost 20 years before quitting to become a full time writer in 2007.

John has co-written and produced comedies for the stage and has created a series of books for children. “Previously, I had only been interested in comedy and finally started to write down the things I said or thought of. That led me to co-write and produce a play, In the Balance, and then W for Banker – which appeared at the New End Theatre, Hampstead. It was then I decided to quit the world of business in favour of writing full-time, and move toward more serious subjects. My first novel has taken two years to write and is the first in a series of books I am calling the ‘Steinberg Stories’.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steinbergstories/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steinbergstories/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteinbergStory/
Website: https://steinbergstories.com/

Thank you to Zooloo’s Book Tours for organising the tour this post is part of.

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  1. Zoé O'Farrell
    January 18, 2022

    Thank you so much for sharing this extract today as part of the tour x

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